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WooCommerce Speed Demon | Zach Stepek

October 20, 2017

WooCommerce Speed Demon | Zach Stepek


October 20, 2017

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  1. I have an addiction to fast e-Commerce sites. is there

    a 12 step program for web tuning?
  2. Every 100ms delay costs 1% of sales. 2006, Stanford -

  3. 2011, Kissmetrics- https://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/ for a site averaging $100k per day

    in sales with a 1 second delay in page load. 47% expect < 2 second page loads 40% abandon after 3 seconds 1 second of load = 7% conversion loss $2.5M in lost sales per year
  4. Utilizes datastore and CRUD abstractions that began in WooCommerce 3.0.

    Reduces total queries for order insert by around 80% and postmeta from ~50 records to 5. Seriously. Minimizes the order volume bottleneck. Supports migration to/from custom datastore. WooCommerce Order Tables A feature plugin proposal by and for
  5. Private beta launches in November! Want to get on the

    list? https://neuralsearch.io/wooconf/
  6. Mindsize is an e-Commerce consultancy whose mission is to help

    store owners run more intelligent online businesses through the design, development, optimization, and management of their online stores and the creation of custom software that solves specific pain points within their organizations. we can scale logos, too
  7. Launch Partners Ensuring that NeuralSearch works everywhere, every time. Work

    at an agency or host that would like to be a launch partner? Let’s chat. Find myself or a member of our team here at WooConf!
  8. Bad Search UX Costs You Money Consumers expect fast, relevant,

    easy-to-use search. Every 100ms delay = 1% loss of revenue. A 500ms delay = 20% less traffic Based on studies from Google and Amazon