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Weaving CRO and Agile methodologies: A Big Brand Case Study | Laura Nelson

October 20, 2017

Weaving CRO and Agile methodologies: A Big Brand Case Study | Laura Nelson

When we think of CRO projects, they’re usually categorised as a unique piece of ongoing work, conducted by a small, select team. This approach is suitable for small-medium scale projects, but what happens when you’re working Agile with an enterprise client?

Both CRO and Agile promote perpetual, iterative cycles of development; often short cycles, to keep projects lean and meaningful. Laura’s talk will explore the shape of each technique, providing insight on the advantages and pitfalls of running a dual process. This talk will include a case study, demonstrating how Pragmatic weaved CRO and Agile together in a live situation.


October 20, 2017

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  1. Weaving CRO and Agile methodologies: A big brand case study.

    Laura Nelson | WooConf 2017 @Laura_Nelson | @pragmaticweb | pragmatic.agency
  2. About Pragmatic @Laura_Nelson | @pragmaticweb | pragmatic.agency • UK’s leading

    WordPress agency • Based in Brighton, UK • Team of 50 • WordPress technology partner for enterprise businesses
  3. I’ll be covering @Laura_Nelson | @pragmaticweb | pragmatic.agency • Introduction

    to CRO • The case for Agile • Sage: A big brand case study • Takeaways
  4. Sage & Pragmatic @Laura_Nelson | @pragmaticweb | pragmatic.agency Creation of

    a global platform with local instances | It needed to tie in legacy content where blogs were already in existence - and those blogs were on multiple different systems | Utilise tagging to help drive personalisation | It needed to be future-proofed for the digital transformation roadmap, which was to include in-depth personalisation and lead scoring | Increase web traffic | Drive subscriptions and engagement, including social shares and commenting | Provide a seamless journey between the website and blog, so that user journeys were not interrupted - and so that users could jump between the two from anywhere | | It needed to be one blog filtered for four different audience types | It needed to make the experts the heroes - it was to provide Sage Advice, after all, so those authors needed to have profiles and be trusted | Mobile-responsive and AMP-compatible
  5. CRO Audit @Laura_Nelson | @pragmaticweb | pragmatic.agency Thanks for reading.

    To get the latest Sage Advice straight to your inbox, why not subscribe to our weekly newsletter? Acknowledge value to visitor Link value to Business Goal We never sell your contact information and it will only be used to send your our newsletter Reassure about Balance of Trade Use steps instead of scrolling
  6. Enterprise CRO @Laura_Nelson | @pragmaticweb | pragmatic.agency Code freezes Ongoing

    Sprints of work Huge internal market Multiple stakeholders & sign off points
  7. Tips & Takeaways @Laura_Nelson | @pragmaticweb | pragmatic.agency • Client

    commitment is key • Never plan and build in the same sprint • CRO is often to blame. Be sensitive and responsive • Be aware of the internal market. Assist as much as possible • It’s not always easy, but the results are worth it.