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Stephen Cronin: Actionable Analytics

Stephen Cronin: Actionable Analytics

Everyone uses a web analytics package on their website – but how many people do anything beyond check the number of page views and where the traffic is coming from? Analytics packages are packed with so much more information – information you can take and do something with that will improve your site. You just need to work out where to find that information and what to do with it. I’ll show you how you can action your analytics data, giving you a better site.


WP Australia

April 27, 2013

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  1. None
  2. How many of us use web stats to actively improve

    our websites?
  3. Pageviews up ↑ Pageviews down ↓

  4. Analytics should be more than just monitoring the data

  5. It should be about the insight you can gain from

    that data
  6. Insight that can lead to action

  7. Action that can improve your site

  8. Question Time

  9. How many of you use Google Analytics?

  10. Do you have a team looking after your site? If

    so, do you have an analytics expert?
  11. Is it just you looking after your site? If so,

    do you spend a lot of time on analytics?
  12. An analytics expert is a luxury that many small to

    medium websites don't have
  13. The benefits of acting on insight can be huge

  14. GA and WP

  15. Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk Google Analyticator

    by Video User Manuals *Recommended Plugins*:
  16. 1

  17. Mobile Device Support

  18. Understand what devices your visitors are using

  19. None
  20. Do you have a responsive design or mobile plugin?

  21. None
  22. Investigate devices with very high bounce rates

  23. Make sure your site is usable on the devices that

    your visitors use
  24. 2

  25. Mobile Site vs Responsive Design

  26. Which is better for *your* situation?

  27. Is the same content popular on both mobile and desktop?

  28. If so, then responsive design is your best bet

  29. If not, you may need a separate mobile site

  30. Or at least separate navigation via a plugin

  31. None
  32. None
  33. None
  34. Build separate mobile site / navigation if content is different

  35. 3

  36. Site Speed

  37. Do you know how fast your site is?

  38. In different locations, on different devices and network speeds?

  39. None
  40. Speed of individual pages, ordered by load time

  41. None
  42. Pages load times with very few samples may be inaccurate

  43. None
  44. None
  45. Fix any pages that are consistently slow

  46. 4

  47. Speed By Operating System

  48. None
  49. None
  50. Trouble shoot your site on any operating system that’s slow

  51. 5

  52. Site Speed By Country

  53. None
  54. None
  55. Solution: removed an Amazon widget that was having trouble loading

  56. None
  57. Resolve speed issues for target audiences that are important to

  58. 6

  59. What You Rank For

  60. Identify keywords you're ranking for, that you don't have content

  61. Search Queries: data on when your site appears in SERPs

    (vs actual visits)
  62. Only goes back 90 days! Download it if you want

    to track it over time
  63. May be better viewed in Google Webmaster Tools

  64. None
  65. Add content for these (and related) keywords

  66. 7

  67. Keywords With Low Click Through Rate

  68. Why aren't people clicking through?

  69. Does the snippet suck?

  70. Does our content match searcher intent?

  71. None
  72. Check SERPs & optimise snippet to improve CTR

  73. Add content to match intent (if appropriate)

  74. 8

  75. Keywords With High Impressions

  76. Opportunity to increase traffic if we can move up a

    few positions
  77. None
  78. Apply SEO efforts here

  79. 9

  80. Visitor Location

  81. Where are you getting traffic from?

  82. Do visitors from different countries need different content?

  83. Do your call to actions work for visitors from different

  84. None
  85. None
  86. Maybe the site doesn’t have enough job listings for Hong

  87. None
  88. Identify new opportunities Add appropriate content Customise calls to action

    Check goals & conversions
  89. 10

  90. Bounce Rate

  91. WTF is bounce rate?

  92. None
  93. None
  94. None
  95. None
  96. None
  97. None
  98. Troubleshoot pages with high bounce rate and fix them!

  99. Rapid Fire

  100. Browsers Support the browsers your visitors use 11

  101. Low Traffic Repurpose or retire low traffic content 12

  102. Tag Pages Remove or promote tags that get no traffic

  103. Site Search Make sure people can find what they want

  104. Trackbacks Ask them to optimise anchor text or URL 15

  105. In Page Remove links that aren’t being clicked 16

  106. Social Traffic Replicate content that is working well 17

  107. Intelligence Monitor problems & investigate them early 18

  108. Custom Alerts Set up alerts for key info and action

    ASAP 19
  109. Homework

  110. Action the above Investigate the following • Event tracking •

    Goals • Campaigns • Website Optimizer
  111. Thanks

  112. Questions @stephencronin http://scratch99.com /analytics

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