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Patrick Johanneson: Brandon University (Case Study)

November 03, 2012

Patrick Johanneson: Brandon University (Case Study)

A study of some of the challenges encountered, and solutions discovered, in moving the Brandon University websites from IIS/ASP to WordPress. Presented by Patrick Johanneson at WordCamp Toronto: Developers 2012.


November 03, 2012

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  1. Patrick Johanneson

    1st dynamic webpage: a
    Perl script to select a
    restaurant for lunch

    1st WordPress
    experience: moving my
    blog from Blogger to
    self-hosted WP

    B. Sc. 1994, Computer
    Science major

    Worked in IT at BU
    since Jan. 1994

    Involved with 1st web
    server at BU in

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  2. The Big Move

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  3. Wayback - 1997

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  4. Wayback - 2000

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  5. Wayback - 2001

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  6. Wayback - 2007

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  7. Today (well, last week)

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  8. Faculty Homepage

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  9. Department Homepage

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  10. Some of the plugins we use

    Gravity Forms

    page fold list (forked because project was no
    longer updated)

    Quick Page/Post Redirect

    Role Scoper

    Tribe Events (on test)

    Email Address Encoder

    Post Expirator

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  11. Navigation: Old vs new

    navigation evolved
    organically, as a result
    of internal pressures
    and HIPPOs

    Sample URL:

    Goal-based navigation
    developed with
    prospective students in

    Sample URL:

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  12. Navigation
    Every site has a simple URL
    /science, /physics, /itservices, /helpdesk, /alumni
    Some sites have “parents”
    eg: /physics has /science as its parent site
    This is accomplished using the WP options table,
    and maintained with a custom plugin

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  13. BU-Nav plugin – Site Parent

    PLUGINS/bu-nav/parent.php contains the code
    that sets the site parent; let's have a look at that

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  14. Breadcrumbs

    Breadcrumbs are generated by PLUGINS/bu-

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  15. Contact info

    Contact information is set site-by-site

    If a site doesn't have contact info set, then its
    parent's contact info is set

    If the parent[s] don't have any contact info, then
    the overall BU information is used

    If that isn't set, then a default is used

    This is handled by PLUGINS/bu-

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  16. Homepages – News and Events

    News and Event listings on homepages are
    handled by
    events.php (which is include()d in functions.php)

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  17. On the horizon

    Switch option code to use Options API
    (get_option(), set_option(), etc)

    Moving events to Tribe events system

    New Prospective Students site

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  18. Questions?

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