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Effective Marketing in a Digital World (Brad Munro)

September 29, 2012

Effective Marketing in a Digital World (Brad Munro)

The session will explore effective marketing practices in a digital world and how the integration of social media within the overall marketing strategy is a key success factor. We’ll look at companies like Mountain Equipment Co-op who have capitalized on the evolving digital landscape to build lasting relationships with their customers.


September 29, 2012

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  1. Effective Marketing in a Digital World WordCamp Toronto 2012 September

    29th, 2012 Bradley Munro Principal, RS4 Marketing Group
  2. www.rs4.ca A Little About me…. 20+ years in corporate marketing

    CPG & Telecom industries  Kraft, Molson, Rogers & Bell Principal – RS4 Marketing Group  Marketing Strategy & Product Development  Network consultant for the BDC Instructor/teacher  Marketing & Brand Management 2
  3. www.rs4.ca The Catalyst LinkedIn Discussion: Should a company develop a

    social media program or online presence BEFORE it has a marketing plan? 3
  4. www.rs4.ca Digital Landscape Rapid adoption of new technology Access to

    information by customers Transparency Word of mouth Social media......blessing & curse Evolving landscape 4
  5. www.rs4.ca Social media 5

  6. www.rs4.ca Social Media http://mashable.com/2011/11/04/facebook-most- popular-forrester/

  7. www.rs4.ca Effective Marketing Is all about the brand  Relevance/Consistency/Differentiation

    Engagement  Building a community of promoters  Building customer relationships Creating great customer experience It all starts with...... 7
  8. www.rs4.ca 8 It all starts with WHO….

  9. www.rs4.ca Customer Experience is Key! Bring the brand to life

    Build communities of interest All customer touch points Product performance Business value chain 9
  10. www.rs4.ca Integrated Approach Marketing Strategy Experience Social Media 10 Business

  11. www.rs4.ca Mountain Equipment Co-Op 11

  12. www.rs4.ca 12 Mountain Equipment Co-Op

  13. www.rs4.ca 13 Mountain Equipment Co-Op

  14. www.rs4.ca Harley Davidson 14

  15. www.rs4.ca Online Experience People respond to storytelling Consider the subtle

    approach Engage & interact Use the tools available Bring the brand to life Make a connection
  16. www.rs4.ca 6 Key Points to Effective Marketing 1. Social media

    is a tactic not a STRATEGY 2. It’s all about the BRAND….relevance 3. Define WHO with absolute clarity 4. Customer EXPERIENCE is key 5. INTEGRATED approach 6. MEASURE everything 16
  17. www.rs4.ca Strategy Strategy without tactics is a slow route to

    victory…Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat (Sun Tsu) 17
  18. www.rs4.ca Thank you [bmunro@rs4.ca] 18