The Ultimate DevOps Test

The Ultimate DevOps Test

Brought to you by the George Carlin of DevOps, created exclusively for devopsdays Belgium 2014.


Marta Paciorkowska

October 28, 2014


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    Even bacterias have culture, so: I took some blogs you

    know and love, parsed them and fed a Markov chain text generator, generated sentences... (the only thing I did was add dots and commas) All to see if you're devops for real.
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    Rules: 1. I give you a sentence. 2. You try

    to guess if it's human or computer generated. 3. ??? 4. PROFIT
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    Answer #1: Real! ''Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing

    elit. Proin nibh augue, suscipit a, scelerisque sed, lacinia in, mi. Cras vel lorem.'' –
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    Answer #3: Real! ''Devops Isn’t a Deliverable - When I

    get done with you, you don’t have a devops. It’s possible that the things we’re working on will bring you closer to a lifestyle and culture that is devops.'' – Bratty Readhead
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    Question #7 ''A DevOps culture can be the nucleus of

    a good software development lifecycle''
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    Answer #7: True! ''A DevOps culture can be the nucleus

    of a good software development lifecycle.'' Automation, tooling and cheap access to computing resources have greatly empowered individual engineers on the operations and software development sides of the tech industry.'' – Darryl K. Taft devops-engineers.html
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    So... how devops are you? Thanks! Photo credits: Slide no2: Slide no4: Slide no6: Slide no13: Slides no1 &19: shho, Slide no15: Derek Gleeson, Slide no17: Slide no20: Lucid Nightmare,