[enterjs] From Bleeding Edge to World Class: One Year with Angular

[enterjs] From Bleeding Edge to World Class: One Year with Angular

On March 31, 2016, NPR launched a production web app built with Angular 2, which was still in beta at the time; the final, stable release of v2.0 went live on September 14.
As early adopters, we faced challenges ranging from convincing internal stakeholders to put our fates in the hands of a pre-release framework, to collaborating with a different team that was using React, to making technical design decisions while navigating API changes and incomplete documentation.
Come learn what we love the most about Angular, the best resources for getting started, what we would do differently if we were to start all over again, and why we think you might want to consider using it for your next project.


Nara Kasbergen

June 21, 2017