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We are all evangelists of Agile, right?

We are all evangelists of Agile, right?

"We are all evangelists of Agile, right? ~ An Agile Journey of LINE Corp. ~"
at Agile Summit 2019 (Taiwan)

Minoru Yokomichi

May 16, 2019

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  1. We are all evangelists of Agile, right? ~ An Agile

    Journey of LINE Corp. ~ 2019-05-16 Agile Summit 2019 - Minoru Yokomichi
  2. Minoru Yokomichi (@ykmc09) • An Agile Coach at LINE Corpora4on.

    (joined at Feb. 2018) • Team Manager of Lean & Agile Team • Career • Engineer / System Architect • Engineering Manager / Scrum Master / Product Owner
  3. Cer$fica$ons: • Cer%fied Scrum Professional SM / PO • Management

    3.0 Licensed Facilitator Conference/Communi,es Organizer: • Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo • Agile Leadership Summit 2019 • Product Manager Conference • Scrum Masters Night! Podcast • omoiyari.fm (Japanese)
  4. Lean & Agile Team at LINE Corpora5on. • Launched in

    Jul. 2018 • Has 4 members (May. 2019) • as Agile Coach, Agile Consultant, Scrum Master, Team Mentor. • Works under CTO (Target: Whole company)
  5. Today you are here, which means you are a kind

    of evangelist of Agile, right? Doesn't ma+er official or unofficial in your company Photo by Tom Roeleveld h/ps:/ /flic.kr/p/6Q76vn
  6. ! Today's Topic • Why and how we promote Agile

    in LINE Crop. • The things we keep in mind as Agile Leadership team. • I would be happy if you get any inspira=ons to become more Agile for your company !
  7. ! Why does my company have this team?

  8. ! Only for implemen-ng Agile methodology to the company?

  9. No

  10. ! The Job Descrip.on of our team • "Support to

    Promote Collabora,on among various roles in product development organiza6on, ..." • "Not s,cking to a par,cular methodology, ..."
  11. Keywords of our team Collabora'on & Autonomy

  12. Collabora'on & Autonomy • Our team is sure that these

    lead our business and our employees to success. • And also the Lean & Agile values and principle is the one of the most suitable for these.
  13. ! We've saw a lot of link between the standard

    for the company values (called LINE Style 2.01 ) and the Agile principles How about your company's values? 1 You can see "LINE Style 2.0" in the LINE Corp's website.
  14. ! Why does my company need this team now? •

    Our company has originally and already had good culture: Collabora8on, Autonomy, Failing fast, Quick decision and so on. • We are now in a rapid scaling up phase. Our team is the one of team which have a responsibility to keep the good culture. • (Most of teams are not necessarily using specific Agile process framework.)
  15. ! Our team's work

  16. We have 3 types of work. ! Training ! Team

    Support ! Growing In-house Community
  17. Meaning of each types of work 1. Training (of Lean

    & Agile) 2. Team Support (based on Lean & Agile values, principles, methodologies) 3. Growing In-house Community (of PracHce/ Interest of Lean & Agile)
  18. ! Training • Make a curriculum of Lean & Agile

    and execute them. • e.g. Basic knowledge of Lean / Agile / Scrum / Kanban, Guidance of RetrospecDve, etc. • Also make & execute Non Lean & Agile themed sessions. • e.g. MeeDng FacilitaDon Technique, Leadership Technique, etc.
  19. Training is provided for team including various roles for mutal

  20. ! Team Support • Work together as a Scrum Master,

    an Agile Coach • Support managers and leaders as an Agile Consultant. (Team launch support, Issue resolving support, etc.)
  21. None
  22. None
  23. ! Growing In-house Community • Discussion channel in Slack, Lunch

    Events, Workshops of Agile Game, Community for reading books, In-house Kanban Tour, etc.
  24. None
  25. None
  26. ! What is our team's hope through the work?

  27. We want the people to say "Lean & Agile is

    one of my favorites!"
  28. How about your colleagues, your boss, execu2ves? Do they think

  29. But how??

  30. image AWeber (h-ps:/ /www.aweber.com/email-marke9ng-funnel-strategies.htm)

  31. Our team have made our own funnel for promo/ng Lean

    & Agile.
  32. Our team try to shi. people to the stage "Spreading"

    to make them to spread Lean & Agile values, principles, examples by their own.
  33. One of the our team's long-term goal is "Mel%ng into

    the organiza%onal culture." photo: Boxun Zhang (h/ps:/ /www.flickr.com/photos/92773859@N07/31864795597/)
  34. None
  35. Metrics of our team

  36. • The first important point is here (arrow from "Awareness").

    • We should take special care not to make them feel "I don't like it...!" at their first touch point (in our team's case, usually at a first training session)
  37. When do we feel "I don't like what you are

    saying...!" ?
  38. • ! "You denied our past and current effort...!" •

    ! "You forced us how to work...!" • ! "You decided it behind our back...!"
  39. ! Bad behavior when introducing Agile • Not respect for

    their past and present • Say "What you are doing is not Agile." • Give logical advices without empathy.
  40. Agile is not a binary thing, right? Photo by Sam

    Simpson h/ps:/ /flic.kr/p/8snVwK
  41. • In our first training session, our team says "Agile

    is not a binary thing. I am sure that you are already Agile in some or most part. But you can become Agile more and more." Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center h8ps:/ /flic.kr/p/r8D1Wj
  42. ! Bad behavior when introducing Agile • Talk as if

    Agile were only the best prac/ce. • Teach as if Agile were only a methodology. Teach only methodologies of Agile. • Aim to do Agile methodologies. Force them to use Agile methodologies.
  43. "Don’t just do Agile, Be Agile", right?? Photo by flickker

    photos h0ps:/ /flic.kr/p/6uGae2
  44. Get them to sympathize with the values and the principles

    • It is important before introducing any methodologies. • In our first 3-hour training session, we don't teach any specific prac>ce (e.g. Scrum, Kanban). • Instead of that, we do below using enough >me. • Read the Agile Manifesto deeply again • Do a game for realizing Agile principles • Introduce real-life examples of Agile-Minded teams in the company.
  45. • We never say "You should prac1ce Agile". • Not

    even "You'd be<er to...", "Please consider to ..." . • But something (regardless of the size) changed at all teams so far. (It is one of evidences of sympathy)
  46. People don’t want to change??

  47. ”People don’t resist change. They resist being changed.“ Peter Senge

    Photo by kboldi h,ps:/ /flic.kr/p/267t3eg
  48. • How we measure "Posi/ve Impression"? • We Take NPS

    (Net Promoter Score) 2 from a8endees a:er first training session without too much effort. • Current Avg. Score: +60 (Detractor rate: 4%. but score of all detractors are 6-point.) 2 "How likely is it that you would recommend this training to a colleague?" (0 - 10)
  49. • The next important point is here. • We should

    take special care not to make them feel "We regret to prac+ce..." a9er prac:cing
  50. (Small) Successful Experience

  51. But how?

  52. Experiment

  53. Don't change things; run experiments. Management 3.0

  54. Experiment • We feel "A)er changing, I can't go back...".

    Everyone afraid of making decision of "Change" • We can prompt to Run a small experiment in a certain Ame and Reflect it.
  55. Commit to Success

  56. Commit to Success • Of course "To Learn from failure"

    is important thing. • But at the early stage, one successful experience is more important (as if it is small one.) • The first (small) one success encourages people to take a next posi2ve step. • Agile leadership role should do everything to help the first experiment and celebrate it a5er success.
  57. Commit to Success • For example, we highly recommend teams

    to make only one ac)on item at first retrospec)ves to raise the chance of success . • In some case, we even say "It is fine even if you don't made any ac@on item today. It was great opportunity to dialogue among us!"
  58. ! Dialogue *me

  59. ! Dialogue *me • What can you do next week

    for making your colleague "A fan of Agile"? • Think yourself (2min) • Share with the person next to you (4min) • Do not forget to introduce yourselves • Post it to LINE Timeline or TwiIer or FB or your ToDo list!
  60. By the way...

  61. This is one of my bibles.

  62. A"er finishing to write this slide and reading this book

  63. I realized almost all I wanted to talk are wri$en

    in this book...! Emo$onal Connect, Trial Run, Step by Step, Small Successes and so on.
  64. Let's enjoy our endless and fun Agile journey

  65. ! Thank you for listening! We are hiring! (in both

    Taiwan & Japan)