Level Up - Building High performing team culture

Level Up - Building High performing team culture

What does it mean to strive for ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE? As your engineering organization grows, you want to encourage teams and individuals to develop and improve their technical proficiency and practices. Growth puts stress on your teams' ability to deliver kick-ass code consistently. To help them improve and grow, we built the LEVEL UP model to represent everything that's expected of an excellent engineering team.

In this talk, I’ll review why we built this model, refined it and how we got teams to adopt it and the effects that it had on our department. I will also give you the tools to either use our model or fork your own specific one for your organization.


Yonatan Bergman

June 16, 2019


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    Sam Altman
 @sama If you notice something at your company

    below standards and don't fix it or make sure someone else does, you have set a new standard. Complaining about it does not count as fixing it.
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    @yonbergman 46 TIMES MORE 2,555 TIMES FASTER 7 TIMES LOWER

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    @yonbergman –@mipsytipsy “It's about software ownership…
 Align your incentives so

    that the people who break the deploy are the people who feel the pain, and the rest will more or less fall into place”
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    @yonbergman LEVEL UP - TRACKS • Design & Architecture •

    Writing Quality Code • Testing • Rolling out to production • Engineering Ops • Data orientation
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    @yonbergman DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE • Data Indexing • Best Practices

    • Design Docs & Reviews • Design Principals
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    @yonbergman WRITING QUALITY CODE • Code Reviews • Tech Debt

    • External Libs • Linting and Standards
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    @yonbergman POLYGLOT CHALLENGES • What tech does my group use?

    • What new piece of tech can I pick? • What do other groups use? • What did we stop using and why?
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    @yonbergman PILOT — Technologies in a limited pilot. It has

    not been decided yet if there should be wide adoption
 ADOPT — Technologies we feel strongly that we should be adopting this, and use it where appropriate.
 HOLD — Proceed with caution, as we are looking for alternatives, but no replacement is available yet.
 RETIRE — Technologies we need to actively replace at a reasonable pace balancing with new work.
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    @yonbergman Group A Group B Group C Go Pilot Adopt

    Java Adopt Javascript Adopt Adopt Adopt Ruby Hold Adopt Adop