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Reinventhing Wheels of Future

Reinventhing Wheels of Future

RubyConf 2012 Keynote

Yukihiro Matsumoto

November 03, 2012

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  1. Powered by Rabbit 1.0.8   “So, many IT people feel

    negative about your work” 16/144
  2. Powered by Rabbit 1.0.8   IT survivers will be: language

    designers dev env implementors and high valued niche players 59/144
  3. Powered by Rabbit 1.0.8   His outline: Programming will be

    fundamental literacy Easy tasks can be done by everybody Professionals (like us) should do harder tasks 62/144
  4. Powered by Rabbit 1.0.8   You may not start making

    popular programming language 72/144
  5. Powered by Rabbit 1.0.8   I will try to make

    the world better place 106/144