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Building on AWS Serverless with the lens of orchestration and choreography

Building on AWS Serverless with the lens of orchestration and choreography

Presented at Asia's largest conference AZ Conf '23 at Chennai, India

Jones Zachariah Noel N

November 18, 2023

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  1. Cloud & AI Conference 2023 Asia's Largest 17 - 18,

    November 2023 IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai
  2. 👋 I’m Jones Zachariah Noel N (zachjonesnoel) 🥑 Senior Developer

    Advocate @ Freshworks ☁ AWS Serverless Hero ⚡ Serverless architect 🚀 AWS UG Bengaluru co-organizer 󰞵 Runs newsletter / blog on The Serverless Terminal ▶ Co-run The Zacs’ Show Talking AWS podcast
  3. Orchestration in AWS Serverless Multiple types / combinations of flows

    supported Supports synchronous and asynchronous API actions
  4. Orchestration v/s Choreography? Orchestration Choreography Control Centralized control for workflow

    execution No central control instead a bus for flow of events Complexity Works for both simple and complex workflows Simple event driven process Error Handling and Retry Supports native error handling and retry Distributed error handling Scalability Highly scalable but need to adhere to different limitations during the workflow Highly scalable as each service can scale independently Latency Possible latency because of dependencies Low latency Cost Efficiency Depends on the workflow and type of workflow Pay only for usage of resources