March 25, 2014


  1. Drive higher engagement when people share your content. 1  

  2. You create great content But when your users share it,

    it looks like this... every time. 2   This is your best chance to connect with the sharer’s network. Did you get the message right?
  3. How much traffic have you missed? 3   Social shares

    are free advertising. But the engagement and referrals they drive are only as good as their messaging. Same article with good vs. bad share message and image, via Upworthy. Before NAYTEV, getting the message right was subject to guesswork and chance. It doesn’t have to be that way.
  4. Do you optimize share messaging? •  Most content creators: • 

    Write multiple titles and messaging •  Choose the best version by intuition •  Hope they got it right •  When you get it right: •  More engagement •  More traffic = more $$$ How much more traffic and revenue would you have if you got it right every time? 4  
  5. Remove chance from the equation •  NAYTEV allows you to

    create and test multiple versions of how your content is shared. •  Uses your existing share button. •  We learn which versions drive the most engagement, and prioritize them in real time. 5   Test Share Variations in Newsfeed I shared this article, you’ll never believe what happens next.
  6. How we do it: Math & Data 6   Call

    it what you want: big data, machine learning, algorithms, buzzword soup...the point is it works. NAYTEV software learns with every post.
  7. What your team sees: Dashboard 7   Graphical Post Editor

    Real-time Analytics •  Keep track of all the messages you create and how they are performing. •  Create as many variants as you want for any piece of content. •  Test multiple images and messages
  8. Manage shares in one place Simple, visual dashboard for all

    your shares and websites 8  
  9. Get Started (5 minutes or less) •  Add 1 line

    of code to your site (copy & paste) •  Automatically works with your existing share buttons •  Facebook share, AddThis, ShareThis, etc. •  Edit your share messages and watch engagement improve in your dashboard 9   Start Now All plans start with a free 30 day trial