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Designing for Virality - Vitaliy Zasadnyy @ Unite Singapore

Designing for Virality - Vitaliy Zasadnyy @ Unite Singapore

Whether paid or free, the competition for users is heating up. Cost per install on the tier one markets crossed 3$. Google and Apple are changing recommendation algorithms that negatively impact organic in-store discovery.

During the session, we'll discuss how can you tap into your most valuable users and attract their friends. What are the three levels or virality features you can implement, how much effort will it take, what results you should expect and how to measure them.

We'll look into examples from the most viral games and check how new shiny Unity A/B testing tools can help you.

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

November 16, 2018

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  1. “ The power of social features are highly undervalued in

    the game industry - Jeroen Bowman, CEO, GetSocial getsocial.im
  2. “ Social is hard to evaluate. It impacts a wide

    range of metrics - @zasadnyy getsocial.im
  3. “ After optimisations Doomsday managed to improve send to install

    conversion to 19% - @zasadnyy getsocial.im
  4. getsocial.im Invite friend to… …get X coins …get Y% more

    gold every day …get unique cat Invite a friend
  5. “ Adding friend invites to the core game-loop brings around

    140 invites sent per 1000 DAU getsocial.im
  6. 1 day 6 invites Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 2-5 days 17

    invites ? weeks 140 invites
  7. “ Rewarded invites are the sweet spot between results and

    integration time - @zasadnyy getsocial.im