Deep linking myths debunked

Deep linking myths debunked

“Imagine a Web without URLs. That’s how mobile apps world looks like without deep links.” – VentureBeat.

According to AppSight data, only 41% of top Android apps have deep links implemented. Why? It’s is not obvious how you can leverage them, and implementation is not as transparent as documentation states. As a result, a lot of myths around the topic.

Vitaliy will show how you can use deep links to create an excellent onboarding experience, get more organic installs with app indexing and referral campaigns. In the second part, we will talk about the technical details of deep links implementation, different standards, corner cases and what are the missing parts of the deep linking ecosystem that you will have to build on your own.

The talk will be interesting for Android and iOS developers who don’t want to spend days trying to figure out the best way to implement deep links and product managers who want to learn how deep links can help their apps grow organically and retain existing users.


Vitaliy Zasadnyy

April 11, 2018