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Decoupled Days - JAMstack and WordPress for 2020

Decoupled Days - JAMstack and WordPress for 2020

JAMstack, Headless and Static WordPress sites and applications are not new. However, they have been evolving rapidly over the last few years. In this talk, JavaScript for WordPress educator, Zac Gordon, dives into the latest innovations and best practices around the JAMstack and WordPress. This includes a look at the the latest implementations, tools and resources. However, the JAMstack and WordPress still has it’s drawbacks and Zac will clearly lay out what you may lose out on when you venture down this path and suggestions of where the community can improve around the JAMstack and WordPress. This talk is meant for developers and site owners alike.

Zac Gordon

July 23, 2020

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  1. ZAC GORDON Educator at JavaScript for WordPress Community Builder for

    Headless WordPress at Strattic Co-Founder Gatsby WP Themes @zgordon
  2. WordPress powers 30% of the web. JAMstack could power 30%

    of all WordPress sites. #1 What's Good?