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100 Things to Know About Building, Selling and Supporting Online Courses and Content

Zac Gordon
February 07, 2020

100 Things to Know About Building, Selling and Supporting Online Courses and Content

Zac Gordon

February 07, 2020

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  1. 100 Things to Know 100 Things to Know About Building,

    About Building, Selling & Supporting Selling & Supporting Online Courses and Online Courses and Content Content
  2. Zac Gordon Zac Gordon zacgordon.com @zgordon

  3. Pedagogy Pedagogy

  4. Pedagogy Ways of Ways of Learning Learning

  5. Pedagogy Fostering Fostering Motivation Motivation

  6. Pedagogy Reviews & Reviews & Summaries Summaries

  7. Pedagogy The Role of The Role of Assessment Assessment

  8. Ideation Ideation

  9. Ideation What Excites You? What Excites You?

  10. Ideation Don’t HaveTo Don’t HaveTo Know Everything! Know Everything!

  11. Ideation Take Time Take Time To Be Inspired To Be

  12. Ideation Take Notes Take Notes

  13. Ideation A Note on A Note on Sharing Your Ideas

    Sharing Your Ideas
  14. Ideation Masterminds Masterminds

  15. Ideation Consulting Consulting

  16. Research Research

  17. Research Dig a Little Deeper Dig a Little Deeper

  18. Research Dig a Way Deeper Dig a Way Deeper

  19. Research See What See What Others Are Saying Others Are

  20. Research How Much How Much Is Out There? Is Out

  21. Research Polls & Polls & Surveys Surveys

  22. Research Look Beyond Look Beyond Your Subject Area Your Subject

  23. Research Market Your Market Your Research Process Research Process

  24. Research Productizing Productizing Your Research Your Research

  25. Planning Planning

  26. Planning Start At the End. Start At the End.

  27. Planning Brainstorming Brainstorming

  28. Planning Outlining Outlining

  29. Planning Scripting Scripting

  30. Planning Scripting vs. Scripting vs. Rough Outlining Rough Outlining

  31. Planning Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice… Practice…

  32. Planning Marketing Marketing Your Practice? Your Practice?

  33. Planning Designing Your Set Designing Your Set

  34. Planning Whiteboarding Whiteboarding

  35. Your Brand Your Brand

  36. Your Brand Personal Brands Personal Brands

  37. Your Brand Company Brands Company Brands

  38. Your Brand Your Bio Your Bio

  39. Your Brand Headshots Headshots

  40. Your Brand Your Audience Your Audience

  41. Your Brand Collaborating Collaborating

  42. Content Types Content Types

  43. Types of Content Courses Courses

  44. Types of Content Mini Courses Mini Courses

  45. Types of Content Master Courses Master Courses

  46. Types of Content On Set Videos On Set Videos

  47. Types of Content Screencasts Screencasts

  48. Types of Content Your Face Your Face In Screencasts In

  49. Types of Content Voice Over Voice Over Screencasts Screencasts

  50. Types of Content Breaking Up Breaking Up On Set Recordings

    On Set Recordings / The Two Camera Take
  51. Types of Content Transcriptions Transcriptions rev.com

  52. Types of Content Captions Captions rev.com

  53. Types of Content Translations Translations rev.com

  54. Types of Content Mixed Content Mixed Content Courses Courses

  55. Types of Content Articles Articles

  56. Types of Content Long Form vs. Long Form vs. Short

    Form Short Form
  57. Types of Content Illustrations Illustrations

  58. Types of Content Email Courses Email Courses

  59. Types of Content Drip Content Drip Content

  60. Types of Content Better Better Drip Content Drip Content

  61. Types of Content Practice Exercises Practice Exercises

  62. Types of Content Projects Projects

  63. Types of Content Rubrics Rubrics

  64. Types of Content Take Notes Take Notes On Repurposing On

  65. Creating Creating The Content The Content

  66. Creating The Content Make It Make It Digestable Digestable

  67. Creating The Content Write, Write, Write, Write, Write Write

  68. Creating The Content Consider Consider Your Tone Your Tone

  69. Creating The Content Large Blocks vs. Large Blocks vs. Small

    Blocks of Time Small Blocks of Time
  70. Creating The Content Recording Video Recording Video

  71. Creating The Content “Just Keep “Just Keep Swimming” Swimming”

  72. Creating The Content Procrastination Procrastination & Distraction & Distraction

  73. Creating The Content Creating Creating Practice Exercises Practice Exercises

  74. Creating The Content Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

  75. Creating The Content Hiring an Editor Hiring an Editor

  76. Creating The Content Production Quality Production Quality

  77. Creating The Content Intro Reels Intro Reels

  78. Tools of Tools of the Trade the Trade

  79. Tools of the Trade Writing Tools Writing Tools

  80. Tools of the Trade Video Tools Video Tools Screen ow

    OBS Camtasia
  81. Tools of the Trade Live Streaming Live Streaming YouTube Zoom

    OBS golightstream.com Twitch
  82. Tools of the Trade Webcams Webcams Logitech C930 Logitech BRIO

    Logitech Software Set at eye level
  83. Tools of the Trade DSLR as DSLR as Webcams Webcams

  84. Tools of the Trade DSLR as DSLR as Webcams Webcams

    Rode NT5 Boom Mic Tascam DR-60 Canon 7D Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art Lens AJA U-TAP HDMI Capture Camera Live & CamTwist Software
  85. Tools of the Trade DSLR for Video DSLR for Video

  86. Tools of the Trade Good Stands! Good Stands!

  87. Tools of the Trade USB Mics USB Mics Blue Yeti

  88. Tools of the Trade Lapel vs. Lapel vs. Fixed vs.

    Fixed vs. Boom Boom
  89. Tools of the Trade Sound Treating Sound Treating vs Sound

    Proo ng
  90. Tools of the Trade Lighting Lighting Soft Lightbox Backlight Side

    lights Hue lights
  91. Tools of the Trade Backdrop Backdrop Photo paper Other stu

    “works” Beautiful set if Bokeh Want enough space for backlight
  92. Tools of the Trade LMS LMS LearnDash Other WordPress LMS

    Teachable, Podia
  93. Pricing Pricing

  94. Pricing How Much How Much To Charge? To Charge?

  95. Pricing One-O vs. One-O vs. Recurring Recurring

  96. Pricing Purchasing Purchasing Power Power Parity Parity

  97. Marketing Marketing

  98. Marketing Early Interest Early Interest

  99. Marketing Early Signups Early Signups

  100. Marketing Onboarding Onboarding

  101. Marketing Tracking Progress Tracking Progress

  102. Marketing Roadmaps Roadmaps

  103. Marketing Marketing Marketing Your Progress Your Progress

  104. Marketing Having a Having a Free Product Free Product

  105. Marketing Having a Having a Variety of Products Variety of

  106. Marketing Join Other Join Other Communities Communities

  107. Marketing Social Networking Social Networking

  108. Marketing Getting Getting Reviewers Reviewers

  109. Marketing Podcasts Podcasts

  110. Marketing Advertising Advertising

  111. Marketing Platforms Platforms Like Udemy

  112. Marketing Maybe Get a Job Maybe Get a Job

  113. Support Support

  114. Support Design for Design for No Support No Support

  115. Support Making it Making it Hard to Get Hard to

  116. Support Making it Making it Easy Easy to Get to

  117. Support Forums Forums

  118. Support Chat Chat

  119. Support Email Email

  120. Support On Page vs. On Page vs. Elsewhere Elsewhere

  121. Support Included Included w/ Platform w/ Platform

  122. Support Slack Slack

  123. Support Managing Managing Expectations Expectations

  124. Support Not Working Not Working vs. Not Covered vs. Not

  125. Support From Your From Your Community Community

  126. Support Charging Charging

  127. 100 Things to Know 100 Things to Know About Building,

    About Building, Selling & Supporting Selling & Supporting Online Courses and Online Courses and Content Content