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Insider 功能介紹

January 09, 2024

Insider 功能介紹


January 09, 2024

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  1. Cross Channel Experience Platform Insider connects data across channels, predicts

    future behavior with AI, and individualizes experiences from a single platform with the fastest time to value. Fion Lin | Growth Consultant Jerry Chen | Solution Consultant
  2. Online Traffic Revenue Pageview Add-to-Cart Average Order Value CVR Customer

    Journey: Online vs Offline Offline In-store Traffic Revenue 1. Flyer 2.Traditional Ads. 3.Window Decoration 1.In-store display 2.Interior design 3.Store staff Dwell Time Basket Size CVR Try-on
  3. 90% of Traffic are Anonymous Users If you check your

    traffic 90% of traffic are unknown users 10% of traffic are known users who signed up or purchased before
  4. Data Collection Unification & Enrichment Decision Engine Experience Engine Data

    Reporting 1:1 Personalization Recommendations Predictive Engine 1. Likelihood to Purchase 2. Attribute Affinity 3. Customer Lifecycle Status 4. Likelihood to Engage (Web Push, App Push, SMS, WhatsApp, Email) 5.NAPLRS - from 91APP Mobile Web Mobile App CRM/DWH, Product catalog, Engagement Data Product Attributes Behavioral Data Purchase History Unified User Profile Architect Cross Channel Journeys 跨渠道營銷自 動化 Web Data (Insider) Data Platforms (91APP) Web Web Push AppPush SMS Email Whatsapp Ads FB Custom (LINE) Events Attributes Data Integration & Transformation Product Data Catalog Custom Data Traits Desktop Web Standard JS Advanced JS SDK API Enterprise Reporting Tool InOne Dashboard Predictive Analytics Mobile Analytics App Pop-Up 站內留住客戶 站外喚回客戶 Insider Infrastructure - 十年磨一劍, 在地六年
  5. Get razor sharp with dynamic segmentation with 91APP 會員基本資訊 會員消費/狀態

    會員禮物/coupon APP 瀏覽行為 手機號碼 線上會員累積總消費金額 (Total Transaction amount of a user) 會員開卡禮折價券是否尚未獲得 Page Events (Home page, category page, product details page, cart page, purchase, sign up page) 姓氏 會員卡等級 會員開卡禮門市券是否尚未獲得 Cart Events (Item add to cart, Item removed from cart, Cart cleared) 名字 等級起始日 是否擁有會員開卡禮 折價券 最後瀏覽的商品頁名稱 全名 等級結束日 是否擁有會員開卡禮 門市券 最後瀏覽的商品價格 生日 等級內累積消費 是否擁有生日禮 折價券 最後瀏覽的商品的分類 性別 最後消費日期 是否擁有生日禮 贈品券 最後瀏覽的分類頁名稱 電子信箱 距離下一會員級別門檻的消費金額 是否擁有生日禮 運費券 最後購買的商品的分類 LINE ID 距離下一會員級別門檻的今日消費金額 生日禮發送的紅利點數 最後加入購物車的商品名稱 城市 最高消費門市名稱 是否擁有升等禮 折價券 用戶最後加入最愛的商品名稱 註冊日 最高消費來源 是否擁有續等禮 折價券 用戶踩到結帳頁尚未完成結帳之前 註冊來源 最近一次消費門市名稱 是否擁有APP 首下載禮折價券 用戶當下 訪收藏清單 會員註冊門市店號 Store code where member register its membership 最近一次消費來源 是否擁有APP 首下載禮門市券 用戶當下點擊首頁最新動態按鈕 會員註冊門市名稱 Store name where member register its membership 紅利點數 是否擁有折價券 用戶當下點擊首頁第二個 Tab 總消費次數 是否擁有運費券 用戶當下點擊首頁第三個 Tab NAPLRS 指標 是否擁有贈品券 是否擁有門市券
  6. Unified Customer Profile Architect Cross-Channel Journey Orchestration Predictive Segments Send

    Time Optimizer Next Best Channel Winner Auto Selection Multichannel Recommendati on Data Segment Experience Reporting Onsite/In-App Web App Messaging Email Msgr Line Push SMS W/app Ads Ads FB Custom APIs Offline Channels Call an API Transactional API
  7. THANKYOU10 Send me Email Thanks for shopping with us! Here

    is our 10% off for your next purchase In-App Template Browsing Conversion Bounce
  8. 歡迎新用戶 訪 透過趣味轉轉樂,App 內搜集用戶資訊 Increase Lead Generation Acquisition Video 通過驚喜折扣和遊戲機制,激勵用

    戶提供品牌個人資 訊。 7 days ago First Time Open is 0 Purchase Count Is Empty Email is User Segment - New Users
  9. 讓被遺棄的購物車完成訂單 App 內刮刮樂折價券 Increase Conversion Rate Revenue Video 通過驚喜折扣和特別優惠來激勵用 戶,

    遊戲化優惠券體驗。 User Segment - Browse Abandoners No Added to Cart is Cup & Mug Products Category is 5 Product Viewed > TRIGGER BY EVENT Plastic Cups Parameter: Name is 15 mins App Start >
  10. 與忠實顧客保持深度互動 App 內即時觸發的訊息 Increase Customer Lifetime Value Retention Video 利用生動的

    Gif 圖檔來提高大型活動、重要公告的能 見度,或鼓勵用戶打開推送通知 THANKYOU10 Send me Email Thanks for shopping with us! Here is our 10% off for your next purchase User Segment - Loyal Users VIP User Type is Off Push Notification is True Purchase success is TRIGGER BY EVENT 5 seconds Delayed in
  11. Journey Orchestration Templates For Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

    Replenishment Download Retail App User Retention Optimize Customer Revenue Mix Post Purchase Feedback User Activation User Acquisition Winback inactive customers First time to repeat Gamified Repeat Purchase Complementary Cross sell Wishlist back in stock Abandoned Browse & Cart Leads likely to go cold Increase the # of Known Users Registration Anniversary Potential buyer conversion Push offline to Online Welcome new contacts Lead Acquisition 50+ Journeys
  12. 個人化內容與用戶互動 多樣化的推播訊息格式 Increase Engagement Rate Activation 周中好禮 For Category Lovers

    Discovery Push Video 專屬時刻好禮 For Discount Chasers Our flash sales has started! Come grab your favorite! Real-time Push Posh - 15m ago 週日限定好禮 For Loyal Users Slider Push Video 品牌日 For Brand Lovers Carousel Push Video
  13. 喚醒不活躍的新用戶 最佳收訊時間推播動態個性化 內容 Increase DAU/MAU Acquisition Video 依照每個用戶過往最常互動推播的時間,在最佳收訊時 間推播訊息給用戶。 How

    are you today Marry? We bring a surprise for you Posh - 6m ago 15 days ago First Time Open is 14 days ago Last Time Open > User Segment - Newly Inactive Users User Attribute First_name Campaign InTime
  14. 殭屍用戶 睡喚醒 重複推播訊息 Reduce Churn/Uninstall Rate Retention 發送重複通知訊息以帶回曾經具有高價 值但最近 沒有回來的不活躍用

    戶。 High Likelihood to Uninstall is High Customer Lifetime Value Is 90 days Last Purchase Day is User Segment - Inactive Users
  15. 越南航空實際應用案例 放棄流程/轉換提醒 Step 1 用戶正在網站上瀏覽航班 並離站 Step 3 推播個人化的優惠權折扣代碼 Step

    2 發送個性化推播提醒通知 Hi Mr. Tuan, Your searched flight from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, departure on 13 mar, 2021, book on our app for special deal. 觀賞影片 Here is your code to complete your reservation with %10 off VNACODE10 COPY CODE
  16. INDUSTRIES Ecommerce & Retail All Industries Ecommerce & Retail Airlines

    Restaurant & delivery Online Rental & Booking Classifieds Online Education Marketplace Automotive Real Estate Banking & Insurance Media & Publishing Healthcare 55 45 42 44 43 33 44 45 32 31 33 33 45 Entertainment & Ticketing Telecommunications 41 44 Start From Scratch Create a custom journey using a blank template by adding your own starter, channels and conditions. Potential Buyers to Buyers Prompt your highly engaged users to repurchase by sending messages via reachable channels. Brick and Click Store Nudge your users who are near to one of your physical stores and make them experience shopping online with the human touch of visiting a store. Long Time No See Send promotional messages to your inactive users since 180 days and drive them to purchase. Cross-Sell In Session Prompt your users who added an item into their carts to also add complementary or supplementary items to boost the Average Order Value. Registered Never Shopped Send promotional messages to your users who haven't shopped in 1 year yet registered to your website within 3 months, and drive them to purchase. Cart Abandonment Prompt your users to purchase the items they left in their carts by sending them messages via reachable channels. Gamified Shopping Gamify the next purchase experience of your users with incentives based on their past buying behavior. Locked & Loaded Start from Day 1
  17. View all the specific statistics related to your journeys in

    one canvas Live stats Reporting 從 Insider 後台可以即時分析每一 個旅程階段的相關指標: 點擊、轉 換、接收人數等,同時也可以檢查有 多少人完成或中斷旅程,作為往後的 優化參考。 在黑色星期五等大檔活動,無需等待 人工製作報表分析數據,可以有效且 即時的進行調整。
  18. View all the statistics related to your journeys and campaigns

    from a single dashboard Email Reporting Web Push App Push SMS Whatsapp On-Site