WordPress is a CMS, DAMMIT!

B727d9a86047391aab86fdb87dc6c313?s=47 Aaron Holbrook
February 20, 2013

WordPress is a CMS, DAMMIT!

If you think that WordPress is still just a blogging engine or you're trying to convince your boss or a stakeholder otherwise you need to hear this talk!

WordPress isn't just a blogging engine anymore, it's an extremely capable application framework. If you love posts, categories, and tags, picture a custom post type for your products or services. WordPress is capable of running a website with different types of content, objects, taxonomies, meta-data and relationships between objects.

Aaron Holbrook (@aaronjholbrook) will demonstrate why WordPress is a great solution to handle any type of content management you can dream up... dammit.


Aaron Holbrook

February 20, 2013