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Connecting with Google+

Connecting with Google+

How a small business can connect
with Google+ and through that to their users by connecting their Search, Social, Local and Youtube presences together.

Ade Oshineye

October 10, 2013

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  1. 2 www.oshineye.com/+ I’m Ade Oshineye and I can usually be

    found on Google+ or behind a camera. I’ll be your Google+ Developer Advocate for the next 20 minutes.
  2. 4 Google+ Is Different Aim to fix a lot of

    the places where products weren’t connected together and users were being exposed to multiple social graphs and social gestures. Weaving together various Google products to improve the experience for users
  3. 5 How is Google+ different? Upgrading products you already use

    rather trying to get you to visit the stream. Google Bar is an iconic feature for us as it’s available everywhere.
  4. 6 Toolbox for telling better stories AutoBackup: never lose a

    photo again AutoAwesome: random photos become a source of delight Semantic Image Search: find your photos without having to obsessively tag them
  5. 8 1 Sending traffic to someone else’s site? 2 Sending

    traffic to your site? What should social be? You want traffic, engagement and conversions happening on your site
  6. 12 Claim your Local Page Local businesses can just claim

    their existing Local Page in Maps Often a better experience (better data) than their website
  7. 13 Use your Local Page Upload photos Ask people to

    upload photos Share local expertise and write reviews
  8. 14 Use Youtube Use Youtube to give people a richer

    experience of your business and brand
  9. 16 Verify your site in Webmaster Tools https://support.google.com/plus/answer/1713826?hl=en Verify and

    accept the link in WMT Link the site and Page in markup via rel=publisher
  10. 23 Possibilities... Youtube video Soundcloud sounds Reviews Docs Google Play

    content https://developers.google.com/+/web/embedded-post/
  11. 27 Connect on all devices and platforms When I authorise

    Soundcloud or Deezer in one place I do it in all the touchpoints they have with me now and in the future. If I get a new device at Christmas I can sign-in to Google and visit Soundcloud or Deezer and be automatically authenticated.
  12. 28 Google sign-in not just Google+ Bring all of Google

    to your service (with the user’s permission)
  13. 29