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DevRel Leadership: all the pieces matter

DevRel Leadership: all the pieces matter

In this talk I question the nature of DevRel, set out what I think DevRel should be and then try to say what it means to be a leader in a DevRel organisation. I finish by showing leaders how to align their organisation so that it can go from a clear purpose to setting goals with clear metrics that drive activities that help your people grow into new leaders.

Ade Oshineye

December 08, 2017

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  1. DevRel Leadership All The Pieces Matter Ade Oshineye

  2. @ade_oshineye blog.oshineye.com

  3. Context

  4. What is DevRel?

  5. Hackathons & Conferences

  6. Blogging & Tweeting

  7. Rock stars?

  8. A Cargo Cult?

  9. What Should DevRel Be?

  10. Customer Zero & Developer Support

  11. Bi-directional Advocacy

  12. What does it mean to be a leader in a

    DevRel organisation?
  13. Articulate the team’s purpose

  14. Map your organization and your ecosystem

  15. Identify points of leverage

  16. Structure your organisation based on the lifecycle of your product

    Outreach Samples Support Partnerships Community
  17. Help your people grow & Manage your stakeholders

  18. Help your people grow How do people grow in your

    DevRel organisation? Do people who stay in your organisation grow or rot? Are they happy?
  19. Manage your stakeholders Who are your stakeholders? What do they

    want? Are they happy?
  20. Hawthorne effect

  21. Mullah Nasrudin, the lamp and the key

  22. Acceptable ways of failing

  23. None
  24. How do we put all the pieces together?

  25. Purpose and Alignment Clarify purpose then… Use goals to align…

    Metrics which drive… Activities which help your people… Grow into… New leaders that set new purpose
  26. None