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A mobile web of apps and documents

A mobile web of apps and documents

The web is/was an agreement about a set of technologies. We're replacing those technologies. Is the result still the web?

This presentation is from OpenTech 2015: http://www.opentech.org.uk/2015/

Ade Oshineye

June 13, 2015

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  1. What is the web? I’ve asked variations of this question

    in the past: https://plus.google.com/+AdeOshineye/posts/HJXQ81eVSqH
  2. The web is... • HTTP • User-agents* • HTML •

    URLs • View source * we say user-agents but in practice we tend to mean browsers
  3. HTTP => HTTP/2 • Complex • Binary • HTTPS by

    default but HTTP/2 doesn’t mandate it • Multiplexed, 1 TCP connection, server-push, header compression • Hard • Simple • Text • Insecure • Inefficient • Easy to reverse-engineer
  4. User agents (not just browsers) • Apps containing pages •

    Embedded webviews • Chrome Custom Tabs/SFSafariViewController • Mobile versus desktop browsers https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/android/customtabs http://bryan.io/post/104845880796/we-need-a-safari-view-controller
  5. HTML? Transition from docs and hypertext to web _apps_ that

    don’t work if you have Javascript disabled.
  6. HTML as object code Javascript frameworks that dynamically alter the

    DOM or server-side rendering that eventually emits HTML or component systems
  7. Is this still the web? The web absorbed gopher, WAIS,

    FTP and friends. Is it still the web now that it’s absorbed apps?