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Google+ Sign-In for Web Apps

Google+ Sign-In for Web Apps

Learn how to add Google+ Sign-In to your web based app, how to connect user's to their friends, create customized experiences with Google+ profile data, drive more engagement using interactive posts, and monitor your app's performance on Google+.

Ade Oshineye

May 16, 2013

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  1. 13 Google+ Sign-In for Web Apps Building on the Google+

    Platform Ade Oshineye Senior Developer Advocate
  2. 15

  3. 31 The hybrid flow • Opaque code in authResult •

    Exchange the code for an access token and refresh token • Verify the access token is for the current user and for your app • Defend against request forgery
  4. 36 Developer differentiates the experience Extract interests from profile Match

    & merge social graphs Make recommendations Magical OOB
  5. 41 Interactive posts: implementation API Project and Client ID Load

    our JS Choose a label out of 100 options Design and add a button
  6. 51 Using app activities Choose activity type Entity type from

    schema.org Make sure it’s user-centric
  7. 54 Implementing app activities API Project and Client ID Sign-in

    button Ask for “requestvisibleactions” Insert meaningful moments
  8. 66 Data > Anecdotes Create a Google+ Page Connect Page

    and API Project Act on Platform Insights
  9. 75