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Grow With Google - LWG in Dublin February 2014

Grow With Google - LWG in Dublin February 2014

How mobile app developers can 'Grow With Google'

Ade Oshineye

February 06, 2014

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  1. GROW WITH GOOGLE Ade Oshineye From the Learn With Google

    event held for Admob and App Developers in Dublin on 6th February 2014
  2. THE GOOGLE PLATFORM I’m here to talk primarily about Google+

    but also about what the way we’re starting to create a more unified Google platform.
  3. We see Google+ as the social spine but what that

    really means is that you can depend on Google users having Google+ accounts and access to all of the Google+ platform features.
  4. PLATFORMS AND KEY METRICS What is a platform? Something you

    build upon which grows when you grow and which helps you grow.
  5. What are your key metrics? What are the things that

    tell you your business or your product is growing?
  6. Make sure you rank for your name. Make sure you

    have a Google+ Page Build a following on Google+ who want to hear from you.

    It can be as simple as making it easy for them to sign-in. Some startups lose 80% of their users in the sign-up flow. Google+ sign-in can help here.
  8. INCREASED UPGRADE RATE If you’re a freemium business like Deezer

    then you acquire free users and convert them to premium users. You’re interested in getting users in the door, giving them the best possible experience and turning them into paying customers. Part of that involves getting them to install your apps.
  9. 33% ACCEPTED OTA INSTALL 33% of the users who signed-in

    on the web accepted the OTA install. We’ve seen this vary from 25% to 60% depending on the quality of your app, the percentage of users who have already installed it and the way you promote your app.

    you’re a retail business like Fancy.com you’re interested in making it as easy as possible for people to buy from you. You’re interested in the ways that Wallet and related technologies can help your business.
  11. INCREMENTAL AUTH Incremental auth means that other services can let

    the user sign-in and then ask for access to Youtube for inferring interests without harming the sign-in rate.
  12. Google+ Sign-in and incremental auth means that you can pull

    in any Google API. This includes Calendar, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PicasaWeb and Games
  13. Games are a huge business and we spent a lot

    of time thinking about how we could help developers and users to improve the experience on web, iOS and Android.
  14. WHAT IS GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES? Library that’s in all 1.1

    billion Froyo and above Android devices.
  15. TOOLS FOR ENGAGEMENT & RETENTION These tools (sign-in, high-score tables,

    achievements and sharing of your results) help games developers acquire, engage and retain players.
  16. DO YOU SEND RE-ENAGEMENT EMAILS? Do you send these emails?

    Do they work? How do you feel when you get them from other services?
  17. Re-engagement works better if it’s driven by other users. Interactive

    posts help turn simple sharing into an opportunity to drive app installs and increase the density of the graph within your product. We support over 100 call to action labels for you to use.
  18. It’s better to receive an authentic message from someone who

    knows you, knows your interests and cares about you than to be spammed by a machine.
  19. One of the benefits of encouraging users to share the

    right message to the right people is that we’ll surface it in search + your world. This restarts the cycle all over again by increasing your reach.