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The journey to becoming a complete developer

The journey to becoming a complete developer


Nenne (Adora) Nwodo

August 08, 2020

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  1. Beyond the code. The journey to becoming a complete developer

  2. Hi, I’m Adora Software Engineer, Microsoft Mixed Reality Tech Content

    Creator, AdoraHack Community builder DJ Twitter - @adoranwodo
  3. complete /kəmˈpliːt/ adjective - having all the necessary or appropriate

    parts @adoranwodo
  4. A Complete Developer A developer that has all the necessary

    or appropriate soft skills and hard skills. @adoranwodo
  5. Hard skills Teachable abilities or skill sets that are easy

    to quantify. Typically, you'll learn hard skills in the classroom, through books or other training materials, or on the job. @adoranwodo
  6. Soft skills A combination of people skills, character or personality

    traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence quotients, among others, that enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. @adoranwodo
  7. “ Soft skills get little respect but they will make

    or break your career – Peggy Klaus @adoranwodo
  8. Before we begin... @adoranwodo

  9. @adoranwodo

  10. Dependence @adoranwodo

  11. Dependence Independence @adoranwodo

  12. Dependence Interdependence Independence @adoranwodo

  13. From dependent to independent

  14. From dependent to independent 1. Be Proactive - Acknowledge your

    own responsibility - DON’T be reactive - Focus on impact - Communicate - Seek opportunities, not limitations - Learn from mistakes & learn to be accountable - Time Management @adoranwodo
  15. From dependent to independent Proactivity use case You cannot agree

    on a solution to a problem. You’re feeling you are getting agitated. What do you do? • [reactive]: My point is valid. Let’s just argue. • [proactive]: Stop talking, listen to what the other person is attempting to solve and acknowledge this. It’s only then you can make your point afterwards. @adoranwodo
  16. From dependent to independent ”You are the architect of your

    own life” - Henry Thomas Hamblin @adoranwodo
  17. From dependent to independent 2. Begin with the end in

    mind - Be clear about your vision and your goals - Don’t be short sighted @adoranwodo
  18. From dependent to independent 3. Put first things first -

    Important vs Urgent - Get your priorities right - Learn to plan. It’d help you. @adoranwodo
  19. INDEPENDENCE @adoranwodo

  20. From independent to interdependent @adoranwodo

  21. From independent to interdependent 4. Think win-win - Understand that

    teamwork is important - Agile methodology in Software development is a sample win-win scenario @adoranwodo
  22. From independent to interdependent 5. Seek first to understand then

    to be understood - Be a good listener - Have empathy (understand what it is to be in someone else’s shoes) - Learn to be patient @adoranwodo
  23. From independent to interdependent 6. Synergize [ˈsɪnədʒʌɪz] VERB combine or

    coordinate the activity of (two or more agents) to produce a joint effect greater than the sum of their separate effects @adoranwodo
  24. From independent to interdependent 6. Synergize - Work to build

    a strong team that wants to achieve a common goal - Diversity & Inclusion isn’t just for HR & Management to think about - Respect other people’s spaces + decisions + backgrounds etc. - Be cooperative @adoranwodo
  25. INTERDEPENDENCE @adoranwodo

  26. One more thing... @adoranwodo

  27. From dependent to independent 7. Sharpen the saw - Recognize

    burnouts and take breaks - Rest, exercise, meditate, eat well - Learn skills - Strive to always be a better version of yourself @adoranwodo
  28. “ People who wish to go into the future should

    have two skills to succeed: the ability to deal with people and the ability to sell. – Shiv Khera @adoranwodo
  29. Thank you :) www.adoranwodo.com