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Better Web Typography with Modular Scale

Better Web Typography with Modular Scale

Elle Meredith

March 27, 2013

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  1. Modular scales serve much the same purpose as grids, but

    they are more flexible. A modular scale, like a musical scale is a prearranged set of harmonious proportions — Robert Bringhurst “ ” Ref: The Elements of Typographic Style, p. 166
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  4. Ref: https://github.com/scottkellum/modular-scale, http://thesassway.com/projects/modular-scale // two up the modular scale width:

    modular-scale(2); // Shorthand for the line above width: ms(2); // two up the modular scale with a base size of 1em width: modular-scale(2, 1em); // Same as above but on an octave scale width: modular-scale(2, 1em, octave() ); Sassy Modular Scale
  5. Online Resources: • More Perfect Typography by Tim Brown, http://vimeo.com/17079380

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