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Open-Source Maintainership and Community in 2016

7f7fe07c6402a15a4888c3ba00efca45?s=47 Eric Sorenson
November 15, 2016

Open-Source Maintainership and Community in 2016

Large open-source projects are changing the way they operate to reflect changes in maintainership and contribution patterns. Improvements in GitHub, test frameworks, and communication tools like chatops have made parts of OSS easier... and others way harder. In this talk, I'll walk through the evolution of our contribution and community processes on Puppet and its related projects over the last several years, to examine our successes -- and a few notable failures. I'll close with some ideas and suggestions, both to help maintainers improve the quality and quantity of their contributions, and to help both new and seasoned contributors have a great experience working on open-source projects.


Eric Sorenson

November 15, 2016

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  1. Open Source, Open Communities Maintainership and contribution in 2016 Eric

    Sorenson // @ahpook eric.sorenson@puppet.com
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  21. Recent Developments meritocracy considered harmful

  22. Recent Developments meritocracy considered harmful

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  25. - look for a project that suits your temperament as

    well as your technical skills. - if you're going to embark on a big feature or refactor, spend a little time talking about it first! - work on PRs iteratively and don't be afraid to push up a bunch of commits and squash it later. - work with your organisation to get approval to contribute back
  26. - set up testing infrastructure so you can give commit

    bits - find or create a slack community - don't tolerate jerks. - have design discussions in the open - find some way to flag your issues as being newbie-friendly.
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