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Relay by Puppet: the Next Leg

Relay by Puppet: the Next Leg

Introduces a new SaaS product for devops automation we've been working on: relay.sh

Eric Sorenson

May 28, 2020

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  1. /usr/bin/whoami sysadmin / sre / bad coder large scale config

    mgmt practitioner technical product manager guitarist and synthesist pinball game renter
  2. © Puppet 2020, All rights reserved. Cloud adoption has shifted

    the center of gravity for automation 4 Today • Model/task-driven automation • OSs, hardware, apps, VMs, hypervisor • Config management is king Tomorrow • Event-driven orchestration • APIs, services, serverless, K8s, container platforms • Config management is a smaller part of the infra stack Cloud On-prem
  3. I need a complete solution to continuously deploy applications and

    infrastructure that provides: • Simple deployment workflows built on using existing tools • Support for multiple deployment targets • Includes smart canaries, B/G deployments & automated rollback • Lightweight governance and auditability • Application deployment performance insights Nebula Project Nebula DEPLOY BUILD + TEST PROVISION ROLLBACK DEVOPS APP DEV GitOps CLI CI Existing CI tools Step Ecosystem
  4. Cloud Native Resource Creation CN Resource Orchestration CN Workflow Automation

    Lyra endgame • Combine forces with Nebula • Contribute upstream to Tekton / CDF • Integrate with other adjacent projects
  5. © Puppet 2020, All rights reserved. 10 Relay: event-driven automation

    K8s Serverless Cloud resources CI/CD Ee Config mgmt Listen to signals/events from the services that you already use Orchestrate all manner of downstream services Relay pulls together all of the tools and technologies DevOps engineers need to effectively manage their environment. System of intelligence Cloud events Git Incidents Tickets Monitoring
  6. Trigger steps are based on cloud events, git events, monitoring

    alerts, tickets, and incidents – like a Splunk alert, a Cloudwatch alert, a GitHub PR being merged, etc. Action steps are reusable, modular, and composable--things like destroying old EC2 instances, provisioning environments with Terraform, or clearing unattached EBS volumes. Query steps let you break out of a workflow to wait for an external process like manual approval or a callback from another system. Step Taxonomy
  7. Workflows-as-Code YAML Parameters prompt the user for data input at

    runtime to customize the behaviour of the workflow. Values can be supplied interactively, via API, or on CLI. Secrets are stored securely server-side using Hashicorp Vault, referenced in a workflow using the "!Secret" tag. Output tags enable data from previous steps to be used by ones that come later.
  8. Integration Ecosystem A library of useful integrations that cover the

    most common use cases and external services with sample workflows and well-documented steps that let you remix and combine however you want. Low-friction interoperability if you have existing containers that you want to use in Relay workflows, they can drop right in alongside purpose-built integrations. Easy step authoring if you've built something that other people might find useful or want to contribute to existing steps
  9. Available now in Beta Sign up for the notification list!

    https://relay.sh/ Join us in Slack for Q&A and early access: #relay Thank you! Eric Sorenson // [email protected] // @ahpook
  10. 16 Available now in Beta Sign up for the notification

    list! https://relay.sh/ Join us in Slack for Q&A and early access: #relay Thank you! Eric Sorenson // [email protected] // @ahpook