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CMNS201 - Lab 1. Intro to SPSS

CMNS201 - Lab 1. Intro to SPSS

Intro to SPSS. How to download, install, and activate SPSS for SFU students.

Alberto Lusoli

January 18, 2022

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  1. INDEX 1. Intro 2. Calendar 3. Assignments 4. What is

    SPSS 5. Installing and activating SPSS 6. First run
  2. Photo: Startup Weekend Hackathon. Nov.2014 Alberto Lusoli [email protected] Email policy

    (and commitment): I will do my best to reply ASAP. Before sending an email, check Canvas. Most of the times you’ll find all your answers there. Office hour: Thursday, 12.30pm - 1.20pm (please book an appointment in advance via email) 1. INTRO 8
  3. Photo: Startup Weekend Hackathon. Nov.2014 Lecture Labs Topic Chapter Topic

    Activities Week 1 Human Inquiry and Science 1 Week 2 Paradigms, Theory and Research 2 LAB 1 Installing SPSS Installing SPSS and opening a sample dataset Week 3 Research Design and the Logic of Causation 4 LAB 2 Intro to SPSS - Overview of the SPSS environment. - Data editor window, - Output viewer window filetypes, cases and variables (variable types, naming conventions) - What is a dataset - Importing a dataset in SPSS Week 4 Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement 5 LAB 3 Variable types and recoding Variables - Variable types (string, numeric; ordinal, scale, nominal). - Recoding Variables Week 5 Research Ethics 3 Week 6 Survey Research 8 Week 7 Quantitative Data Analysis - Univariate & bivariate 14 LAB 4 Descriptive statistics - Univariate (Frequencies) - Histogram, bar charts, pie charts - Frequency tables and charts, - Customizing the output viewer - Basic data visualization heuristics and how to apply them on SPSS Week 8 Quantitative Data Analysis - Multivariate Analysis 15 LAB 5 Measures of Central Tendency and Variation Mean, Median, Mode, STD deviation Week 9 Social Statistics 16 LAB 6 Bivariate analysis - Crosstabulation Introducing bivariate statistics and how to run crosstabs in SPSS Week 10 The Logic of Sampling 6 LAB 7 Bivariate with controla variable and seecting cases - Crosstab with control variable - Selecting Cases - Removing outliers Week 11 Experiments 7 LAB 8 Assignment 3 This week we will introduce the dataset for Assignment 3 as well as considerations for univariate and bivariate statistics. Week 12 Non-Reactive Research 9 LAB 9 Open lab Troubleshooting assignment 3 problems Week 13 N/A N/A
  4. Photo: Startup Weekend Hackathon. Nov.2014 3. ASSIGNMENTS At the end

    of most labs you will be asked to complete a quick assignment. Assignments usually consists in completing a task and uploading a screenshot of the final result on Canvas. The deadline for lab assignments is the Friday (11.59pm) after the lab. Overall, lab assignments are worth 10% of the final score.
  5. Photo: Startup Weekend Hackathon. Nov.2014 8 10 MINUTES If you

    need help, share your questions in the chat.
  6. Photo: Startup Weekend Hackathon. Nov.2014 1. Open SPSS 2. Download

    the sample dataset 3. Take a screenshot 4. Upload it on Canvas 6. SPSS FIRST RUN 8
  7. THANK YOU Alberto Lusoli [email protected] Office hour: Thursday, 12.30pm -

    1.20pm (please book an appointment in advance via email).