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Scalable Meatfrastructure: Building Stable DevOps Teams

Scalable Meatfrastructure: Building Stable DevOps Teams

Presented at LISA15 on November 11, 2015

When we think of scalable infrastructure, we think of technologies such as AWS, Kafka, or Mesos. But to operate these shiny things, you need people. Organized and resilient people.

You wouldn’t rollout containerization while your app has a memory leak, so you shouldn’t expand your DevOps team without addressing the leaks in your day-to-day communication and processes. Come learn some of the steps necessary to make your most important platform--your engineers--stable and successful.

Alice Goldfuss

November 11, 2015

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  1. Write it all down • Your team’s mission • Your

    team’s chosen tools and methodologies • Standard practices and procedures
  2. Single Source of Truth • Everyone knows where it is

    • Everyone can contribute to it • It’s searchable • It’s archivable
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  5. share info in one place help other teams help you

    make remote workers equal make onboarding smooth
  6. share info in one place help other teams help you

    make remote workers equal make onboarding smooth >
  7. share info in one place help other teams help you

    make remote workers equal make onboarding smooth >
  8. share info in one place help other teams help you

    make remote workers equal make onboarding smooth >
  9. share info in one place help other teams help you

    make remote workers equal make onboarding smooth >
  10. share info in one place help other teams help you

    make remote workers equal make onboarding smooth >
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