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Rails Girls Summer of Code

Rails Girls Summer of Code

A quick introduction to Rails Girls Summer of Code for Rails Girls Ostrava (with some slides made by Anika Lindtner)



April 05, 2014

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  1. ! RailsGirls Summer of Code

  2. Last year?

  3. 18 teams

  4. None
  5. 33 students

  6. None
  7. 26 coaches

  8. 20 mentors

  9. 9 supervisors

  10. 10 speaker coaches

  11. ...

  12. None
  13. Some of the projects Hackety Hack Bundler Diaspora Sinatra Rails

    Apps Rubinius Spree
  14. Sponsors!

  15. The Core Concept

  16. Rails Girls Summer of Code helps Rails Girls students get

    into  Open Source.
  17. You get to work on an Open Source project aided

    by coaches for three months..
  18. …and paid a stipend for doing so.

  19. Work on an existing Open Source project…

  20. … or start your own!

  21. How to contribute

  22. Apply as a student

  23. Propose your Open Source project

  24. Offer your help as a coach or organizer

  25. Offer desk space for local students

  26. Contribute to our crowd funding campaign

  27. Crowd funding

  28. In order to fund the stipends, there’s a crowd funding

  29. RailsGirlsSummerOfCode.org/campaign

  30. Apply Now! RailsGirlsSummerOfCode.org

  31. Follow us! @RailsGirlsSoC