Join us at Ask.Learn.Share.Grow.

Join us at Ask.Learn.Share.Grow.

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June 11, 2013


  1. Ask. Learn. Share. Grow click here to know more

  2. E = mc2 AskLearnShareGrow to help realize what each individual

    is cut out for What we do Experience Sharing
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    forward to the challenge of conducting Online Experience Sharing Sessions
  5. To go through the exciting phase of setting up an

    online platform, we are looking for new talent
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  7. JUNE 2013

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  12. Clarence High School M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology We’ve

    worked with
  13. Our experience sharers are associated with

  14. I was able to appreciate how brilliant ideas come up

    when a few minds start assessing an idea together - Sushil Balan ALSG has been a great platform to meet new people - Anuj N. K. My event-management skills and effective communication skills are well excercised at ALSG - Kunal Vinayakiya ALSG has helped me get out of my comfort zone and be more open to experimenting - Surabhi A. R. Current ALSG Core Team members share their “ALSG Experience”
  15. Coming from a technical background, working with people from other

    fields has helped broaden my skill sets - Vivek John George Two things every ALSG member is bound to develop over time - effectove communication skills and people skills - Zaheer Baig It’s always nice to have a place where I can improve my skills, both creative and otherwise, and be able to help others explore the possibilities while I’m at it - Akhil Sukumaran ALSG helped me plan and execute ideas differently, and in the process, improve my communication and leadership skills - Nithin T. Current ALSG Core Team members share their “ALSG Experience”
  16. To join us