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opendata.admin.ch - The making of the Swiss open government data pilot portal

opendata.admin.ch - The making of the Swiss open government data pilot portal

Goal, context, architecture, technology, security and use of opendata.admin.ch.

The Swiss open government data pilot portal establishes easy access to open government data in machine readable form to be freely reused fostering participation for the public good.


Andreas Amsler

February 05, 2014

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  1. Agile Web Development Liip.ch – Zürich, 5. February 2014 OPENDATA.ADMIN.CH

    The making of the Swiss open government data pilot portal Andreas Amsler, Liip
  2. PURPOSE AND CONTENT - one central portal to provide OGD

    of the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation, of Cantonal and Communal Authorities, as well as of further public authorities - first quadrilingual OGD portal worldwide
  3. TARGET GROUP AND SUSTAINABILITY - targeted primarily at data users,

    but accessible to the entire public - originally intended for a pilot phase of 6 months; this phase has been extended right after the go-live in September 2013 until December 2014 - the Federal Authorities are planning a mobilisation program in Q2/14 to raise awareness and foster usage of the data available on the portal
  4. USABILITY (I) - the search for datasets – as the

    most important user requirement – clearly stands in the forefront - combinable filters of organisations, categories, tags, formats and licences
  5. USABILITY (II) - user navigation is supported by a clear

    and simple screen design - header incl. top navigation had to comply with the CI/CD of the Federal Authorities
  6. DATA OWNERS - Swiss federal archives - Federal Office of

    Topography - Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss - Swiss Federal Statistical Office - Swiss National Library - Canton of Zurich Statistical Office - Canton of Zurich Topographical Office - Q1/14: Federal Office of Public Health - Q1/14: Federal Topographical Data Infrastructure
  7. DATA CATEGORIES - predominantly data in the areas of participative

    politics, population, topography and finances - Q1/14: health and mobility - data owners are free to add tags to their datasets via metadata
  8. FURTHER CONTENT - examples of visualisations and applications developed by

    reusing datasets available on the portal - FAQ, overview about the participating data owners (organisations), contact forms
  9. CONTEXT Launching an innovative web project with seven federal and

    three cantonal authorities within eight months.
  10. PROJECT PHASING Q1/13 Q2–Q3/13 Q4/13 - architecture concept with the

    Swiss federal archives - technical proof-of-concept with Swisstopo - concept and development of the central portal - connecting data and metadata sources of the Swiss Federal Archives, Office of Statistics, MeteoSchweiz and Swiss National Libraries - connecting the Canton of Zurich Office of Statistics and Office of Topography, under the direction of the Cantonal Office of e-Government
  11. PROJECT SUCCESSES Q3/13 Q4/13 Q1–Q2/14 - publication of a federal

    study about the economical impact of OGD - report of the Federal Council (executive) on OGD - launch of the pilot portal at the Open Knowledge Conference 2013 in Geneva - connecting the first Cantonal Authorities - Switzerland wins the «International Public Administration Award» for its Open Data activities - Federal Authorities formulate a nation-wide OGD strategy
  12. PARTNERS Liip AG itopia ag Nine Internet Solutions AG -

    technical consulting and concept - usability, design and software development - project management (SCRUM) - pilot study, evaluation of political and legal conditions, governance - project management assistance to the Swiss federal archives - Hosting
  13. ARCHITECTURE - central portal, two local CKAN instances (BAR, swisstopo)

    - data owners are connected with specifically developed harvesters (CKAN extensions) - actualisation of metadata and datasets every 15 minutes CKAN instance BAR CKAN instance swisstopo central portal search datasets download or APIs BAR BFS NB ZH-STAT geo.admin.ch MeteoSchweiz 5 harvesters harvester harvester 2 harvesters existing data environment ZH-GIS
  14. TECHNOLOGY - solely open source software - data management framework

    CKAN with Amazon S3 Cloud (for those data which are physically uploaded) - PHP content management framework Symfony CMF CKAN with Amazon S3 Cloud CKAN with Amazon S3 Cloud Symfony CMF & CKAN BAR BFS NB ZH-STAT geo.admin.ch MeteoSchweiz ZH-GIS
  15. SECURITY - CKAN consists of standard components like PostgreSQL, Solr,

    Apache and S3 with a high security level - the CKAN application is built on the Pylons framework (Python) and is continuously tested by a worldwide community CKAN with Amazon S3 Cloud CKAN with Amazon S3 Cloud Symfony CMF & CKAN BAR BFS NB ZH-STAT geo.admin.ch MeteoSchweiz ZH-GIS
  16. Agile Web Development Liip.ch – MANY THANKS TO: Andreas Amsler

    Product Owner, Business Development +41 43 500 39 80 [email protected] All members and supporters of the Swiss open data community Swiss Federal Archives: Fernando Belfort, Jean-Luc Cochard, Jean-Marc Comment, Andreas Kellerhals, Simon Meyer Swisstopo: Cédric Moullet, David Oesch ISB: Juan-Pablo Lovato, Stephan Röthlisberger e-Government Canton Zurich: Peppino Giarritta All participating data owners on the federal and cantonal level itopia ag: André Golliez Liip AG: Alain Horner, Reto Hubmann, Jan Hug, Rachel Knowler, Philipp Küng, Stefan Oderbolz, Stefan Reinhard (FEINHEIT GmbH) & all 90 Liipers