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Finding The Sweet Spot BNE

Andrew Best
December 02, 2017

Finding The Sweet Spot BNE

DDD, CQRS, and ORMs - Finding the sweet spot between these development techniques

Andrew Best

December 02, 2017

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  4. 2 December 2017 | Andrew Best

  5. Domain Driven Design At it’s heart, DDD is about TAMING

    COMPLEXITY It allows us to reason about the software we are building, explicitly modelling our problem domain in unambiguous terms and supplying well-defined semantics for its concepts. December 17 2
  6. Meet the > Our domain model facilitates the real-world process

    requirements from our problem domain – This is what it should be doing > Our applications’ demands on their persisted state extend beyond our domain model – Task-based UIs, Reporting, Exporting, etc. > Often the domain model becomes the single façade over our persistence layer – it is set to work servicing these additional demands as well > It then becomes MORE COMPLEX > It then becomes HARDER TO REASON ABOUT > And then you add an ORM December 17
  7. “ Object/relational mapping is the Vietnam of Computer Science Ted

    Neward http://blogs.tedneward.com/post/the-vietnam-of-computer-science/
  8. The Codes, Part One: Death to the Repository!

  9. CQRS >Event Sourcing >Eventual Consistency >Asynchronous Messaging >Separate Persistence Mechanisms

    December 17
  10. CQRS >Using separate conceptual models to read and write information.

    >fin December 17
  11. The Codes, Part Two: The Sweet Spot

  12. CQRS >Read and write concerns truly separated >Can co-evolve without

    side effects >Minimal additional complexity >Use the best tool for the job December 17
  13. DDD >No longer have composite UI/other concerns polluting our domain

    >Disconnect our domain model >Can better enforce consistency boundaries >Further reading: http://dddcommunity.org/library/verno n_2011/ December 17
  14. Abstraction >Removed the potential foot- gun of complex EF queries

    >Improved query transparency >Can write tailored, specific queries that suit individual demands >But what about that type safety we just gave up? December 17
  15. The Codes, Part Three:

  16. Thank You! @_AndrewB https://github.com/andrewabest