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Conventional Wisdom

B8d45998626d3dd3c582c4aeee792e2d?s=47 Andrew Best
November 30, 2015

Conventional Wisdom

How you can leverage convention tests to build good codebases


Andrew Best

November 30, 2015

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  1. Conventional Wisdom Andrew Best

  2. Page Good codebases are? › Easy to reason about ›

    Express clear opinions › Have low cognitive overhead › Inspire confidence › Are self enforcing › Are malleable / Copyright ©2014 by Readify Pty Ltd 2
  3. Page How? › Write good code! </joke> › Leverage tools

    that help us validate our codebases › The .NET type system › Mono.Cecil › Combine these with tools that run these validations at build time › Unit testing frameworks › CI / Copyright ©2014 by Readify Pty Ltd 3
  4. Page Conventional › A .NET library for inspecting types, assemblies,

    solutions and databases, available on nuget › Provides a large set of conventions that can be applied out of the box, or you can create your own › Fits in with your testing framework of choice › Gives human-readable output whenever conventions are broken, so we can go and fix our code! / Copyright ©2014 by Readify Pty Ltd 4
  5. Page To the code! / Copyright ©2014 by Readify Pty

    Ltd 5
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