DDD-rail your Monorail

46a19926f5dff95126e78b7393019c9e?s=47 Andrew Hao
October 21, 2015

DDD-rail your Monorail

The scene cuts to the offices of Delorean - the hottest time-transport startup in town (“it’s like Uber for time travel!”). Beneath the glitzy face of the fast-growing company, we find a defeated engineering team struggling with a large Rails monolith, complete with the battle scars of anemic domain models, spaghetti code, and cut corners. The team is shipping fewer features while battling increasing rates of unexpected regressions. The team wants to break up the monolith to combat complexity, but where do they begin? Join the team as they turn to three Domain-Driven Design (DDD) techniques to discover key domain insights and attempt to design their way out of the monolith mess into a well-defined, cleanly segregated, and service-oriented future. Will they succeed, or will the inexorable tides of time and entropy forever trap this team in the past?

Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TljmIXW2fwM

Don't forget to check out the companion sample app: https://github.com/andrewhao/delorean


Andrew Hao

October 21, 2015