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How ANDROID TESTING changed how we think about Death - Second Edition

How ANDROID TESTING changed how we think about Death - Second Edition

"Irreproducible bugs become highly reproducible right after delivery to the customer". This is something that happens "almost" everyday.
It is well known that testing offers significant advantages as a development practice and helps ensure higher quality code with fewer defects.
Unfortunately, testing Android apps can be challenging, so in this session we are gonna talk about available tools and practices that could help us accomplish our goals.


Fernando Cejas

May 08, 2014


  1. How ANDROID TESTING changed how we think about death… @fernando_cejas

    Code samples: https://github.com/android10/Inside_Android_Testing https://github.com/android10/AndroidApplicationTestingSample Second Edition android10.org
  2. Who am I… •  Software Engineer •  GDG Barcelona Organizer

    android10.org •  Android lover •  Geek •  Gintonic fan…
  3. Agenda?

  4. Why testing..WTF? •  Testing increases the level of confidence in

    your code. •  Testing makes it possible to write new code, and refactor existing code, without worrying that you’ve broken existing functionality.
  5. •  Unit testing •  Integration Testing •  Functional and System

    Testing 1.  Stress Testing 2.  Performance Testing 3.  Usability Testing •  Acceptance Testing •  Regression Testing 1.  Smoke Testing Types of tests…
  6. Martin Fowler: "...test-doubles ... preprogrammed with expectation" What is this

    mock thing?
  7. Mockito is a mocking framework that tastes really good. Mockito

    doesn't give you hangover because the tests are very readable and they produce clean verification errors. GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO… mockito
  8. Mockito Build-operate-check pattern

  9. Mock initizalition

  10. Initizalition using mockito test runner

  11. Let’s verify some behaviour

  12. Argument matchers

  13. Verifying number of invocations / at least x / never

  14. Making sure interaction(s) never happened on mock

  15. Spying on real objects

  16. Sounds familiar???

  17. Allows you to run your android code on JVM. Allows

    loading of Android Classes in pure Java Projects. TO THE RESCUE…
  18. Shadow Objects!

  19. View and Resource Loading…

  20. Shadow Activity Shadow ImageView

  21. •  Uses real Android SDK code •  Styles and themes

    supported •  System resources are available •  Performance improved •  Bugs fixed Robolectric 2.0+
  22. Perform click Sample

  23. Started Activity test Should have fragment test

  24. Device Configuration Sample

  25. Network sample Robolectric acts as a proxy!!!

  26. Creating your own shadows

  27. Creating your own shadows

  28. Creating your own shadows

  29. •  A library by square (FTW!) •  It gives a

    chainable (or “fluent”) syntax for checking assertions. •  Makes tests easier to write (and read!). FEST Android
  30. Sample: code to modify a bitmap

  31. Assertions with FEST

  32. Dependency injection is a software design pattern that allows the

    removal of hard-coded dependencies and makes it possible to change them, whether at run-time or compile-time Dependency what?
  33. Dagger Directed Acyclic Graph

  34. Dagger Graph sample

  35. Dagger sample

  36. Declare dependencies

  37. Satisfy dependencies

  38. Build the graph

  39. Modules

  40. Spoon •  Acceptance tests (black box) •  Automation of test

    execution across multiple devices •  Aggregation of the results
  41. Spoon •  Aggregation of screenshots while your tests are running

  42. •  Robojuice •  Robotium •  Android Testing Framework •  UI

    Automator •  Monkey Runner •  Espresso •  Calabash More tools…
  43. WRITE TESTS!!! •  Simplify your architecture •  Have a robust

    testing strategy •  Use continuous integration tools •  Mock/stub functionality •  Create your own test runner Best practices and some advice…

  45. None
  46. Questions?

  47. @fernando_cejas https://github.com/android10 http://android10.org THANKS!!!