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apidays Singapore 2023 - Building a digital-first investment management model, Scott Treloar, Noviscient

January 19, 2024

apidays Singapore 2023 - Building a digital-first investment management model, Scott Treloar, Noviscient

apidays Singapore 2023 - Resilience to adaptability through digitisation
April 12 & 13, 2023

Building a digital-first investment management model
Scott Treloar, CEO at Noviscient


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January 19, 2024

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  1. 2 In a low yield world, investors are looking for

    excess returns or alpha. However, identifying and managing a portfolio of these funds is difficult. The Challenge
  2. 4 The Benefits • Better investment performance from access to

    strategies from high-quality managers. • Improved safety as customer capital never leaves the platform. • Alignment of interests using performance-only fee structures. • Full transparency of invested capital at any time. • Customization of investment solutions to precisely meet customer needs.
  3. 6 Rules Engine links Noviscient’s regulatory obligations directly to its

    operating processes. This allows Noviscient to be affirmatively and continuously compliant.
  4. 7 Decision Engine a machine learning approach for implementing decision-policies

    that will allow the firm to handle multiple returns and multiple investment solutions at minimal cost.
  5. 8 Customization Engine leverages the other three components to offer

    dynamic investment solutions that are increasingly precise in meeting customer requirements
  6. 9 The future of the industry Putting customers first by

    creating custom solutions that precisely meet their investment goals.