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Presented about the company and dev team culture of Paperless Post at DevStackup. Awesome graphics by Cat Chi and Jason Wong.


Aaron Quint

March 21, 2013

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  1. None
  2. It’s me, @AQ HeYO

  3. CTO of

  4. Chief Taco Officer CTO of

  5. www.paperlesspost.com

  6. • Unique animated gifs posted in Campfire: 3,208 • Unique

    metrics stored in Graphite: ~250,000 • Most individual user-generated cards sent in a single week: ~2 million • Registered user growth over December 2011: 211% (3.1x) • Revenue growth over December 2011: 135% (2.3x) • Number of commits to main app git repo: 44,545 • Number of commits to chef git repo: 4,447 • Peak traffic served: ~300 Mbps • Number of production deploys across applications: 1,631 • Number of staging deploys across applications: 10,600 December 2012
  7. None
  8. None
  9. None
  10. ALMOST 60, crazy, wonderful people

  11. Ain’t Easy Growing a rails app

  12. Also not easy Growing a Team

  13. Each one, Teach one MENTORING AS A WAY OF LIFE

  14. When I Ship, You Ship, We Ship pushing for a

    culture of shipping
  15. Rules to ship by

  16. We all live with the choices we all make Fixing

    > Complaining
  17. Roadies > Rock stars helping > winning

  18. Push for a balance of quality and quantity working >

  19. Win in pieces, not all at once small changes >

    big refactors
  20. What does this mean in practicE?

  21. Including Rails, Ruby, Chef Maintain over 40 forks

  22. Even if they don’t hit the button, everyone is a

    part of it Everyone deploys
  23. None
  24. Numbers for everything we can number Metric obsessed

  25. None
  26. While keeping our main focus grounded in the things we

    know and care about (Ruby, JS, PGSql) An ever evolving stack
  27. None
  28. Refuse to replace our stack whole hog, Lets make it

    the best it can be The future = Polishing + simplification
  29. github.com/quirkey twitter.com/aq quirkey.com paperlesspost.com THANKS!