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Intro to React Components - React Delhi NCR 01 Jul 2018 Meetup

Intro to React Components - React Delhi NCR 01 Jul 2018 Meetup

Introductory talk on React components, what they are and how to create them.

Arun Michael Dsouza

July 01, 2018

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  1. Intro to React Components Arun Michael Dsouza
 @amdsouza92 React Delhi/NCR

  2. Header Sidebar Slider News News

  3. Image source: www.hawaii.edu

  4. Props React element

  5. React element DOM element

  6. JSX bit.ly/2ttPzcV

  7. Functional components

  8. Class components

  9. Props are read-only!

  10. Props are read-only!

  11. All React components must act like pure functions with respect

    to their props. bit.ly/2ywNi6n
  12. Use state to update a component.

  13. None
  14. Dumb/stateless components

  15. Smart/statefull components

  16. • Abstracting complexity • Maintainability • Reusability • Ease of

  17. • https://reactjs.org/docs/components-and-props.html • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BHoz0ptv7k • https://reactjs.org/docs/thinking-in-react.html Quick links

  18. Thank you! React Delhi/NCR Arun Michael Dsouza