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Who Watches The Watchmen?

Who Watches The Watchmen?

This is a talk that I gave at DevOps Days Austin (and previously at the Advanced AWS meetup in SF) about how PagerDuty monitors PagerDuty.

Arup Chakrabarti

May 05, 2014

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  1. PagerDuty Ops Guys know all too well... What is PagerDuty?

    • Alert and Incident Tracking • On-Call Management • Integrates with monitoring tools • Alert the right person, every time
  2. PagerDuty What we will cover • What is PagerDuty? (DONE!)

    • Monitoring philosophies • Monitoring tools we use • Distributed Systems Monitoring • Security Monitoring • Dependency Monitoring • How we cheat by using Chef • How we validate our monitoring • Q and A
  3. PagerDuty Thou shall….. Monitoring Philosophies • Use the right tool

    • Not all monitoring tools are for everything • Avoid single host monitoring
  4. PagerDuty Thou shall….. Monitoring Philosophies • Alert on what your

    customers care about • Alert on expected thresholds (both high and low) • Make it as Self Service as possible • Validate that your alerts work
  5. PagerDuty Great for small env’s New Relic / APMs in

    general • Pros • Great for new stacks • Helpful for tracing transactions • Gives a lot of data
  6. PagerDuty Not all roses Problems with APM’s • Cons •

    They can be overly prescriptive • They can be hard to tune/ customize • Gives a lot of data
  7. PagerDuty All hail self service metrics DataDog / StatsD •

    DataDog is the backend • StatsD is the client • Super easy to use • statsd.gauge(metric_name, val) • statsd.counter(metric_name) • statsd.histogram(metric_name,val)
  8. PagerDuty StatsD / DataDog • Pros • Very customizable for

    your business reqs • Can change as you grow • Self Service
  9. PagerDuty StatsD / DataDog • Cons • Need to have

    Configuration Management • Hard to ramp teams up
  10. PagerDuty Logging as Monitoring SumoLogic • We ship all of

    our critical apps logs • Engineers setup alerts on patterns • “Too many 500’s in the last 10m” • Somewhat self-service • Initial setup is in Chef • Hard to use for realtime debugging
  11. PagerDuty Dumb health checks Simple External Monitoring • Wormly and

    Monitis • Completely bypass PagerDuty for backup alerts • Meant as a last ditch effort • Very naive in the health checks • Had to build out smarter health check page
  12. PagerDuty Dumb health checks made smarter Simple External Monitoring •

    Health Check Page • Lightly touches internal services • Gives back an expected value for each service • Alert on non-expected value
  13. PagerDuty Treat security as monitoring Security Monitoring • Intrusion detection

    via OSSEC • Monitor logs / Checksum dir’s • Port scanners via Gauntlt • Runs continuously • SQLMAP attacks • Not very useful against Rails
  14. PagerDuty The single host does not matter anymore Distributed Systems

    Monitoring • Alert on cluster level metrics • Overall number of 500’s • % of nodes down • Overall latency
  15. PagerDuty Cron should not be used for creating alerts Avoid

    single host alerting US West 1 US West 2 Linode Highly available Monitoring system
  16. PagerDuty Same model for service alerting Service A Service B

    Service C Highly available Monitoring system
  17. PagerDuty Stuff that you do not control Dependency Monitoring •

    Dependencies Everywhere • Operations • DNS • Monitoring Tools • Logging
  18. PagerDuty Stuff that you do not control Dependency Monitoring •

    How to monitor? • Operations • DNS -> Create/Delete records • Monitoring Tools -> Basic ping • Logging -> Validate that logs are being pushed
  19. PagerDuty What keeps us up at night Dependency Monitoring •

    Dependencies Everywhere • Software • Email • SMS • Phone • Push Notifications
  20. PagerDuty When SMS providers screw us over Quick Story •

    Primary SMS provider was “Up” • Customer was not getting their SMS • Found out in the worst way possible • Customer called us • Provider was working but T-Mobile prepaid was not passing our short code through
  21. PagerDuty aka how to abuse unlimited messaging plans End to

    End testing • Every minute we send a SMS alert • Every SMS provider we use • Main Carriers • Verizon • AT&T • T-Mobile • Sprint • Measure Response times
  22. PagerDuty Sorry, cannot tell you which carrier is which Some

    stats (Averages) • Carrier A • 15 Seconds • Carrier B • 60 Seconds • Carrier C • 25 Seconds • Carrier D • 200 seconds
  23. PagerDuty Automate all the things How we cheat using Chef

    • All monitoring data consumption is setup • New Relic • DataDog • SumoLogic • OSSEC • Wormly and Monitis are not automated • Cluster alert setup is not automated
  24. PagerDuty Catch the easy stuff DataDog Alert API pd_datadog_alert "File

    System Filling on #{host}" do metric_name "system.disk.in_use" function "avg" greater_than 0.85 time_frame '1h' page [ 'ops' ] end
  25. PagerDuty Only if the environment is small enough Easy alerts

    • Load • CPU • Memory • Disk Utilization
  26. PagerDuty Failure Friday How we validate our monitoring • We

    attack our own services • Process failure • Datacenter failure • Network failure • http://blog.pagerduty.com/2013/11/ failure-friday-at-pagerduty/
  27. PagerDuty What we have learned • Process monitoring is co-mingled

    with the process running • Only localhost checks on service • Requires outbound network conn from Failure Friday