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Google Classroom 101 (2020 Version)

Google Classroom 101 (2020 Version)


This presentation was presented at Youngsaeng High School in October 2020 as a workshop for the teachers to learn how best to use Google Classroom and G Suite in their classrooms and for their students.

Whereas I've presented on Google Classroom before (with a presentation of the same title), with this presentation, I tried to focus specifically on "What Google Classroom is good for" (presented in the Topic Overview).

To that end, I broke the presentation down into SIX major "selling points" for teachers.

1. Organization: Teacher Lessons Plans keep you organized & on task
2. Distribution: of Handouts allows Teachers to go paperless (& USB-less)
3. Collection: of Homework helps keep Teachers organized
4. Correction: of Homework helps Teachers use rubrics, comment, and grade
5. Analysis: with the built-in Gradebook makes grading a breeze
6. Reporting: features can help Teachers keep Parents in the loop

Aaron Snowberger

October 19, 2020

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  1. Google Classroom Introduction JOIN MY CLASS ClassID# You are familiar

    with GC? Take the preliminary survey. Any questions about GC that I can address during this time? 2
  2. Organization Teacher’s Lesson Plans Collection Homework Analysis Grading Distribution Student

    Handouts Correction Comment & Return Reporting Notify parents 5
  3. 9

  4. Gmail? Classwork Tab • Create assignments • Organize by topic

    • Write Lesson Plans • Add files • Schedule How to: or not... Yes 10
  5. 12

  6. Gmail? People Tab • Add Students to Class ◦ (email

    / code) Classwork Tab • Create Assignments • Assign! How to: or not... Google Sites • Create a Class page • Link files • Distribute link ◦ (email shortener / easy URL) Or, email Google Slides 13
  7. 15

  8. Gmail? Classwork Tab • Create Assignments • Assign~ • Automatic

    collection (Google Drive folder) How to: or not... Google Forms or email... • Create “Hand in” form • Add “File upload” type • Set upload limits • Distribute link ◦ (carefully) 16
  9. 18

  10. Gmail? “View Assignment” • See state notifications • Click a

    student’s name • Cycle through their work & grade, comment • Cycle through everyone How to: or not... Google Forms or email... • Options: ◦ Self-graded quiz** ◦ File upload ◦ Organize Drive ◦ Comment in Docs 19
  11. 21

  12. Gmail? Grades Tab • Click any assignment • Click any

    name • View / change anything Forms Quizzes • Automatic graphs How to: or not... Google Forms or email... • Self-graded quiz** • Automatic graphs Google Sheets • Create your own GB & graphs (like Excel) 22
  13. 24

  14. G Suite for Edu? People Tab • Find student •

    Invite Guardians • They will receive all updates as their child How to: or not... Google Sites • Create a Class page • Post updates • Distribute link ◦ (email shortener / easy URL) Or, email... 25
  15. Big Concept Google Classroom is not perfect, but it is

    a tool that can (and should) be leveraged to your advantage for better classes. 26
  16. 27