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Hamilton: The Musical Based on The Man

Hamilton: The Musical Based on The Man


The Teacher Training program I’m involved with usually goes abroad during the school vacation periods for additional training and cultural experiences in a Western country (USA, Canada, England, Australia, etc). However, since 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travel abroad has been canceled.

Therefore, I was asked to present on American history or culture in order to provide a small taste of the experience they will miss by not going abroad this session. So, I selected Hamilton: The Musical because it tells the story of the American Revolution up to the founding of the US government through the eyes of one of its key members, the first Secretary of the Treasury, and the man on the $10 bill: Alexander Hamilton.

Additionally, Disney+ released the full Broadway musical as a movie in July 2020 during the pandemic, just before the first time I gave this presentation. The timing was perfect.

Aaron Snowberger

July 25, 2021

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  1. PAGE HAMILTON The Musical, based on the Man By Lin-Manuel

    Miranda 1 Aaron Snowberger HAMILTON AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE
  2. US Founding Father - 1 of 7 key figures (John

    Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, & George Washington) - Wrote majority of The Federalist Papers (51 of 85), that argued for ratification of the Constitution WHY?
  3. PAGE —BILLBOARD REVIEW “2015’s best rap album isn’t by Drake,

    Kendrick Lamar or Dr. Dre -- it’s the cast recording of Hamilton, a vital companion to the most creative, most talked-about musical to hit Broadway this millennium.” 4 BILLBOARD REVIEW HAMILTON
  4. PAGE —NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW “Yes, it really is that


    Morgan) (812p.) Titan (John D. Rockefeller, Sr.) (774p.) Alexander Hamilton (818p.) - 22,000 archival documents & research - 3 months on NYTimes bestseller list - Historical consultant on The Musical Washington: A Life (904p.) - Pulitzer Prize for Biography Grant (Ulysses S. Grant) (1,104p.) Historian / Biographer QUOTE 6 PERSONA PROFILE HAMILTON "If Washington is the father of the country and Madison the father of the Constitution, then Alexander Hamilton was surely the father of the American government."
  6. PAGE LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA NOTABLE WORKS In The Heights (Broadway, 2008)

    - 13 Tony nominations (4 wins), 1 Grammy Bring It On: The Musical (Broadway, 2012) Hamilton: The Musical (Broadway, 2015) - 16 Tony nominations (11 wins), 8 Drama Desk awards - Pulitzer Prize for Drama - 7 US productions, 2 International (Hamburg, Sydney) Moana (Disney, 2016) Mary Poppins Returns (Disney, 2018) Actor / Songwriter / Producer QUOTE 7 PERSONA PROFILE HAMILTON "America then, as told by America now." (On casting non-white actors for the Founding Fathers. In the 2020 census, nearly 40% “non-white” respondents.)
  7. PAGE ALEXANDER HAMILTON NOTABLE WORKS Influential interpreter & promoter of

    the U.S. Constitution; Main writer of The Federalist Papers, arguing for ratification Founder of the nation's financial system, the Federalist Party the United States Coast Guard, and the New York Post First secretary of the treasury & main author of George Washington's economic policies Led the federal government's funding of the states' debts, established the nation's first two de facto central banks, Bank of North America & First Bank of the United States, a system of tariffs, & friendly trade relations with Britain. Founding Father QUOTE 8 PERSONA PROFILE HAMILTON “I have resolved...to reserve and throw away my first fire, and I have thoughts even of reserving my second fire—and thus giving a double opportunity to Col Burr to pause and to reflect.”
  8. PAGE Act I 01 “Alexander Hamilton” “Aaron Burr, Sir” “My

    Shot” “The Story of Tonight” “The Schuyler Sisters” “Farmer Refuted” “You’ll Be Back” “Right Hand Man” “A Winter’s Ball” “Helpless” “Satisfied” “The Story of Tonight” [Reprise] “Wait For It” “Stay Alive” “Ten Duel Commandments” “Meet Me Inside” “That Would Be Enough” “Guns and Ships” “History Has its Eyes on You” “Yorktown” “What Comes Next?” “Dear Theodosia” “Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us” “Non-Stop” Act 2 02 “What’d I Miss?” “Cabinet Battle #1” “Take a Break” “Say No to This” “The Room Where it Happens” “Schuyler Defeated” “Cabinet Battle #2” “Washington on Your Side” “One Last Time” “I Know Him” “The Adams Administration” “We Know” “Hurricane” “The Reynolds Pamphlet” “Burn” “Blow Us All Away” “Stay Alive” [Reprise] “It’s Quiet Uptown” “The Election of 1800” “Your Obedient Servant” “Best of Wives and Best of Women” “The World Was Wide Enough” “Who Live, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” TABLE OF CONTENTS 9 HAMILTON TABLE OF CONTENTS 24 songs, 1:11:11+ 23 songs, 1:11:27
  9. PAGE ACT I 01 In which Hamilton joins the Revolutionary

    Army in the battle for independence from England. 11 ACT I HAMILTON
  10. PAGE 20 “Alexander Hamilton” 3:56 19 “Aaron Burr, Sir” 2:36

    2 “My Shot” 5:33 ** “The Story of Tonight” 1:31 5 “The Schuyler Sisters” 3:06 “Farmer Refuted” 1:52 16 “You’ll Be Back” 3:28 “Right Hand Man” 5:21 “A Winter’s Ball” 1:09 9 “Helpless” 4:09 3 “Satisfied” 5:29 “The Story of Tonight” [Reprise] 1:55 4 “Wait For It” 3:13 “Stay Alive” 2:39 * “Ten Duel Commandments” 1:46 * “Meet Me Inside” 1:23 “That Would Be Enough” 2:58 6 “Guns and Ships” 2:07 * “History Has its Eyes on You” 1:37 1 “Yorktown” 4:02 “What Comes Next?” 1:39 17 “Dear Theodosia” 3:04 “Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us” 1:08? 11 “Non-Stop” 6:25 ACT I 12 HAMILTON TABLE OF CONTENTS The setup, situation, characters War with Britain
  11. PAGE The orphan Alexander Hamilton experiences a hard early life,

    and through his smarts, leaves his home, the island of Nevis (in the Caribbean Sea). 1.1 (3:56) 13 “Alexander Hamilton” HAMILTON Rank: 20 ⭐
  12. PAGE In New York in 1776, Hamilton meets Aaron Burr,

    John Laurens, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan. 1.2 (2:36) 14 “Aaron Burr, Sir” HAMILTON Rank: 19 ⭐
  13. PAGE Hamilton impresses his new friends with his rhetorical skills.

    1.3 (5:33) 15 “My Shot” HAMILTON Rank: 2 ⭐ ⭐
  14. PAGE The latter three and Hamilton affirm their revolutionary goals

    to each other, while Burr remains apprehensive. 1.4 (1:31) 16 “The Story of Tonight” HAMILTON Rank: * ⭐
  15. PAGE Later, the daughters of the wealthy Philip Schuyler—Angelica, Eliza,

    and Peggy—go into town and share their opinion on the upcoming revolution. 1.5 (3:06) 17 “The Schuyler Sisters” HAMILTON Rank: 5 ⭐ ⭐
  16. PAGE It is at this time that Samuel Seabury warns

    everyone about the dangers of Congress while Hamilton disagrees and counters Seabury. 1.6 (1:52) 18 “Farmer Refuted” HAMILTON
  17. PAGE King George III insists on his authority over the

    revolutionaries. 1.7 (3:28) 19 “You’ll Be Back” HAMILTON Rank: 16 ⭐
  18. PAGE During the New York and New Jersey campaign, Hamilton

    accepts a position as George Washington's aide-de-camp despite longing for field command. 1.8 (5:21) 20 “Right Hand Man” HAMILTON
  19. PAGE A ball is hosted by Philip Schuyler, the wealthy

    and influential father of the Schuyler sisters. 1.9 (1:09) 21 “A Winter’s Ball” HAMILTON
  20. PAGE Eliza falls hopelessly in love with Hamilton, who reciprocates

    her feelings to the point of marriage. 1.10 (4:09) 22 “Helpless” HAMILTON Rank: 9 ⭐
  21. PAGE Angelica suppresses her own feelings for Hamilton for the

    sake of her sister’s happiness. 1.11 (5:29) 23 “Satisfied” HAMILTON Rank: 3 ⭐ ⭐
  22. PAGE After the wedding, Burr and Hamilton congratulate each other's

    successes. 1.12 (1:55) 24 “The Story of Tonight” [Reprise] HAMILTON
  23. PAGE Burr reflects on Hamilton's swift rise while considering his

    own more cautious career. 1.13 (3:13) 25 “Wait For It” HAMILTON Rank: 4 ⭐ ⭐
  24. PAGE Hamilton aids Laurens in a duel against Charles Lee,

    who had insulted Washington. 1.15 (1:46) 27 “Ten Duel Commandments” HAMILTON ⭐ Rank: *
  25. PAGE Laurens injures Lee, who yields, while Hamilton is temporarily

    suspended by Washington over the duel and is sent home. 1.16 (1:23) 28 “Meet Me Inside” HAMILTON ⭐ Rank: *
  26. PAGE Back at home, Eliza reveals that she is pregnant

    with her first child, Philip, and asks Hamilton to slow down to take in what has happened in their lives. 1.17 (2:58) 29 “That Would Be Enough” HAMILTON
  27. PAGE After Lafayette persuades France to get involved on the

    colonists' side, he urges Washington to call Hamilton back to help plan the final Battle of Yorktown, and Washington agrees. 1.18 (2:07) 30 “Guns & Ships” HAMILTON Rank: 6 ⭐
  28. PAGE Washington explains to Hamilton—who is convinced he should die

    a martyr and a hero in war—that he should be careful with his actions because whatever he does will be known for ages to come. 1.19 (1:37) 31 “History Has Its Eyes On You” HAMILTON ⭐ Rank: *
  29. PAGE At the Battle of Yorktown, Hamilton meets up with

    Lafayette to take down the British, revealing that Mulligan was recruited as a spy, helping them figure out how to trap the British and win the war. 1.20 (4:02) 32 “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” HAMILTON Rank: 1 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
  30. PAGE Soon after the victory at Yorktown, King George asks

    the newborn America how it will succeed on its own, while Lafayette returns to France with plans to inspire his people to have their own revolution. 1.21 (1:39) 33 “What Comes Next?” HAMILTON ⭐ Rank: *
  31. PAGE Hamilton's son Philip is born, while Burr has a

    daughter, Theodosia, and the two tell their children how they will do anything to protect them. 1.22 (3:04) 34 “Dear Theodosia” HAMILTON Rank: 17 ⭐
  32. PAGE Hamilton receives word that his long-time friend John Laurens

    has been killed in a seemingly pointless battle after the war was won and throws himself into his work. 1.23 (1:08?) 35 “Tomorrow, There’ll Be More Of Us” HAMILTON
  33. PAGE Hamilton co-authors The Federalist Papers and is selected as

    Secretary of the Treasury by newly elected President Washington, amidst Eliza begging Hamilton to stay and Angelica moving to London with her new husband. 1.24 (6:25) 36 “Non-Stop” HAMILTON Rank: 11 ⭐
  34. PAGE ACT II 02 In which Hamilton’s efforts in the

    birth of the fledgling nation takes an increasing toll. 38 ACT II HAMILTON
  35. PAGE 14 “What’d I Miss?” 3:56 ** “Cabinet Battle #1”

    3:35 “Take a Break” 4:46 13 “Say No to This” 4:02 7 “The Room Where it Happens” 5:18 “Schuyler Defeated” 1:03 “Cabinet Battle #2” 2:22 *** “Washington on Your Side” 3:01 12 “One Last Time” 4:56 * “I Know Him” 1:37 “The Adams Administration” 0:54 “We Know” 2:22 * “Hurricane” 2:23 “The Reynolds Pamphlet” 2:08 8 “Burn” 3:45 * “Blow Us All Away” 2:53 *** “Stay Alive” [Reprise] 1:51 18 “It’s Quiet Uptown” 4:30 15 “The Election of 1800” 3:57 “Your Obedient Servant” 2:30 “Best of Wives and Best of Women” 0:47 *** “The World Was Wide Enough” 5:02 10 “Who Live, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” 3:37 ACT II 39 HAMILTON TABLE OF CONTENTS Establishing a new government Affair, repercussions, tragic end
  36. PAGE Thomas Jefferson returns to America from being the U.S.

    ambassador to France, taking up his newfound position as Secretary of State, with friend and fellow Cabinet member, James Madison. 2.1 (3:56) 40 “What’d I Miss?” HAMILTON Rank: 14 ⭐
  37. PAGE In 1789, Jefferson and Hamilton debate Hamilton's financial proposals

    at a Cabinet meeting. Washington tells Hamilton to figure out a compromise to win over Congress. 2.2 (3:35) 41 “Cabinet Battle #1” HAMILTON Rank: * ⭐
  38. PAGE Eliza and her family—along with Angelica, back from London—travel

    upstate during the summer, while Hamilton stays home to work on the compromise. 2.3 (4:46) 42 “Take a Break” HAMILTON
  39. PAGE Hamilton begins an affair with Maria Reynolds, making him

    vulnerable to her husband's blackmail. 2.4 (4:02) 43 “Say No To This” HAMILTON Rank: 13 ⭐
  40. PAGE Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison create the Compromise of 1790

    over a private dinner, exchanging Hamilton's financial plan for placing the country's permanent capital on the Potomac River. Burr is envious of Hamilton's sway in the government and wishes he had similar power. 2.5 (5:18) 44 “The Room Where It Happens” HAMILTON Rank: 7 ⭐
  41. PAGE Burr switches political parties and defeats Philip Schuyler, making

    Hamilton now a rival. 2.6 (1:03) 45 “Schuyler Defeated” HAMILTON
  42. PAGE In another Cabinet meeting, Jefferson and Hamilton argue over

    whether the United States should assist France in its conflict with Britain. President Washington ultimately agrees with Hamilton's argument for remaining neutral. 2.7 (2:22) 46 “Cabinet Battle #2” HAMILTON
  43. PAGE In the wake of this, Jefferson, Madison, and Burr

    decide to join forces to find a way to discredit Hamilton. 2.8 (3:01) 47 “Washington On Your Side” HAMILTON Rank: * ⭐
  44. PAGE Washington decides to retire from the presidency, and Hamilton

    assists in writing a farewell address. 2.9 (4:56) 48 “One Last Time” HAMILTON Rank: 12 ⭐
  45. PAGE A flabbergasted King George receives word that George Washington

    has stepped down, and will be replaced by Paris signatory John Adams. 2.10 (1:37) 49 “I Know Him” HAMILTON ⭐ Rank: *
  46. PAGE Adams becomes the second President and fires Hamilton, who,

    in response, publishes an inflammatory critique of the new president. 2.11 (0:54) 50 “The Adams Administration” HAMILTON
  47. PAGE Jefferson, Madison, and Burr confront Hamilton about James Reynolds'

    blackmail, accusing him of "[embezzlement of] government funds", which forces Hamilton to reveal his affair with Maria. 2.12 (2:22) 51 “We Know” HAMILTON
  48. PAGE Out of fear that the affair will be used

    against him in his political career, Hamilton chooses to publicize his affair. 2.13 (2:23) 52 “Hurricane” HAMILTON ⭐ Rank: *
  49. PAGE Hamilton’s confession in the Reynolds Pamphlet, causing uproar in

    his political position. 2.14 (2:08) 53 “The Reynolds Pamphlet” HAMILTON
  50. PAGE Hamilton’s confession also damages his relationship with Eliza, who,

    in a heartbroken retaliation, burns all the letters Hamilton wrote her, trying to erase herself from history. 2.15 (3:45) 54 “Burn” HAMILTON Rank: 8 ⭐
  51. PAGE After graduating college, Philip attempts to defend his father's

    honor in a duel with George Eacker. 2.16 (2:53) 55 “Blow Us All Away” HAMILTON
  52. PAGE Philip is fatally shot in his duel. 2.17 (1:51)

    56 “Stay Alive” [Reprise] HAMILTON Rank: * ⭐
  53. PAGE Philip’s death leads to a reconciliation between Alexander and

    Eliza. 2.18 (4:30) 57 “It’s Quiet Uptown” HAMILTON Rank: 18 ⭐
  54. PAGE Hamilton endorses Jefferson in the 1800 election. 2.19 (3:57)

    58 “The Election of 1800” HAMILTON Rank: 15 ⭐
  55. PAGE Hamilton’s endorsement of Jefferson leads to further animosity between

    Hamilton and Burr, who challenges Hamilton to a duel via an exchange of letters. 2.20 (2:30) 59 “Your Obedient Servant” HAMILTON
  56. PAGE Hamilton writes his last letter in a rush while

    Eliza tells him to go back to bed. 2.21 (0:47) 60 “Best 0f Wives And Best Of Women” HAMILTON
  57. PAGE Burr and Hamilton travel to New Jersey for the

    duel. Burr reflects on the moments leading up to the duel, stating that one of them will have to die. Burr and Hamilton walk the requisite ten paces, with Burr firing first. 2.22 (5:02) 61 “The World Was Wide Enough” HAMILTON Rank: * ⭐
  58. PAGE ALEXANDER HAMILTON Time freezes as Hamilton reflects on his

    legacy, before throwing away his shot. AARON BURR Burr shoots him between the ribs and Hamilton eventually dies, THE DUEL 62 THE DUEL HAMILTON VS. Hamilton is mourned by Eliza, Angelica, & the rest of the cast. Burr laments that though he survived, he is cursed to be remembered as the villain who killed Hamilton.
  59. PAGE The musical closes with a reflection on historical memory.

    Jefferson & Madison reflect on Hamilton's legacy. Eliza tells how she keeps Hamilton's legacy alive through interviewing war veterans, getting help from Angelica, raising funds for the Washington Monument, speaking out against slavery, and establishing the first private orphanage in New York City. 2.23 (3:37) 63 “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” HAMILTON Rank: 10 ⭐
  60. PAGE “Weird Al” Yankovic is an American musician, record producer,

    and actor who is known for humorous songs that make light of pop culture and often parody specific songs by contemporary musical acts. Yankovic has reached a level of fame and popularity that other artists are able to confirm their own fame and popularity when “Weird Al” parodies them. Lyrics Bonus (5:01) 65 “The Hamilton Polka” HAMILTON
  61. CREDITS: This presentation template was created by Slidesgo, including icons

    by Flaticon, and infographics & images by Freepik PAGE THANKS! Questions or comments? Find me @ aaron.kr Please keep this slide for attribution 66 THANKS! HAMILTON