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WordPress Meetup Jeonju #2 - A Comprehensive Overview of WP Site Owner Roles

WordPress Meetup Jeonju #2 - A Comprehensive Overview of WP Site Owner Roles


While this post originated as "A Simple Roadmap to Get Up & Running with WordPress", it gradually morphed into something a tad more complex, so we'll call it "A Comprehensive Overview of WordPress Site Owner Roles."

For starters, here's a list of the different roles you can expect to have when you start and maintain a WordPress (or any other) website and the most basic tasks each will deal with.

In other words, this is what I do in WordPress on a daily basis.


Aaron Snowberger

March 07, 2015

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  1. A Comprehensive Overview of WordPress Site Owner Roles

  2. Techie Designer Admin (Manager) Content Creator Developer

  3. Techie (Installation)

  4. Website Building Options

  5. Process →

  6. Option #1 Option #2

  7. Web host * Affiliate

  8. Domain name registration: * Affiliate

  9. .com .net .edu .gov TLDs .org (Top-Level Domains)

  10. None
  11. Keep It Simple, Silly

  12. 5 Top Tips 1. Simple, sweet, easy to remember 2.

    Tell / stand for what you do (recognizable) 3. Dashes are OK, but add complexity 4. Extra long names are hard to remember 5. Buy ALL the TLDs with your name if you want exclusivity
  13. http://www.thelongestdomain nameintheworldandthensomeand thensomemoreandmore.com/ BAD

  14. http://ma.tt/ http://nike.com GREAT

  15. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Clients:

  16. Admin (Setup)

  17. username: admin

  18. Pick Strong Passwords

  19. 5 Top Tips 1. UPPERCASE, lowercase, numb345, &$ymb@!$ 2. Create

    a pattern that’s easily recognizable / memorable for you (goal? time?) 3. Use a site-specific “pass phrase” rather than password 4. Longer is better - shoot for 10+ characters 5. Avoid dictionary / common words / expressions / strings of numbers
  20. 123456, password, qwerty, baseball, dragon, football, monkey, letmein, abc123, 111111,

    mustang, access, shadow, master, michael, superman, 696969, 123123, batman, trustno1 BAD
  21. Quit@smoking4ever Save4trip@thailand MovE@2newPlac3 GREAT

  22. 1st Steps /%postname%/

  23. Security Backups Plugins Managing Users Advanced Detours (later topics)

  24. Designer (Appearance)

  25. 1st Steps /%postname%/ Customizer → #1

  26. 1st Steps /%postname%/ Menus → #2

  27. 1st Steps /%postname%/ Customizer → Widgets → #3

  28. Theme Choice Detours (later topics) Custom CSS HTML in Posts

    Basic Graphic Design 1. Color Theory 2. Typography 3. Layout Branding
  29. Content Creator (Blogging)

  30. None
  31. Plan Research Write Edit Publish

  32. None
  33. 1st Steps

  34. SEO Blog Templates Social Sharing Content Delivery Serve Your Audience

    Detours (later topics) 1. Content Types 2. Calendar 3. Email, SNS, RSS, CDNs
  35. Developer (Coding)

  36. HTML + CSS PHP + MySQL JavaScript + jQuery WordPress

    Codex Best Practices Detours (later topics) 1. Plugin Dev 2. Theme Dev 3. Core Contributions
  37. QA &