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Ask The AV Department Virtual Event Production FAQs

Ask The AV Department Virtual Event Production FAQs

Ask The AV Department Virtual Event Production FAQs with Ryan Brothers


May 05, 2021

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  1. The AV Department is a relationship-based, full-service livestreaming, media production,

    and live event audiovisual partner. With every virtual, hybrid, live event, and video produced, The AV Department team strives to make a difference to each and every client and ultimately inspire results. 2020 BY THE NUMBERS
  2. Welcome Ryan Brothers Production Manager The AV Department Ryan arrived

    in Portland by way of Boston after spending 16 years on the road managing touring musicians, as an audio engineer, and overseeing venue production in the music industry. He was settling in as stage manager with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra when the pandemic shut down all live productions. In his new position with The AV Department, Ryan applies experience and skills learned on the road and in event management to livestreaming production, helping amazing non-profit organizations make their event a memorable program -- for the audience and for the organizers as well.
  3. Agenda: Virtual Events • Benefits • FAQs ◦ Are there

    different types virtual events? ◦ What about hybrid events? ◦ Is Live really LIVE? ◦ What do I need to host from home? ◦ How do I include an auction? • Q & A
  4. Virtual Event Benefits • Reach a large, global audience •

    Expand your donor base • Include special guest speakers and skip the travel logistics • Share the recording to reach donors who missed the livestream • Reach donors more than once with a series of virtual events • Limitless content possibilities: galas and fundraisers, auctions, panels, award ceremonies, conferences • Repurpose segments of virtual events in future promotions
  5. Are There Different Types of Virtual Events? • Entirely virtual

    ◦ Host, auctioneer, special guests, and livestream production team are in separate locations WestSide Baby “Beyond the Basics Virtual Gathering”
  6. Virtual Event Types • In-studio ◦ The host is in

    a production studio with the livestream team ◦ Co-hosts and guests can be in other locations Grants Pass Museum of Art “Virtual Black, White & the Blues”
  7. Virtual Event Types • On-location ◦ The livestream production team

    brings the studio to you ◦ The event is hosted at that location O’Hara Catholic School “Aprés Ski: 2021 Auction” On-location at the school in Eugene, Oregon
  8. What About Hybrid Events? • The Drive-In ◦ Two audiences

    share the event experience: one at the drive-in, the second audience watches from home ◦ Emcees can be on-location and/or at separate locations Clackamas Women’s Services “Screentime Drive-In Gala” Partners: Swaim Strategies; Artisan Auctions
  9. Hybrid Events • Filmed In Front of a Studio Audience

    ◦ Livestream from an event venue in front of a small ticketed audience enjoying a behind-the-scenes experience ◦ A second audience tunes in from the comfort of home • Two Simultaneous Events ◦ Host a virtual event and a live in-person event at the same time Oregon Episcopal School “2020 Gala & Auction” On-location at the school in Portland, Oregon March 2020 Partners: Raise Agent; Benefit Auctions 360
  10. What Do I Need to Host from Home? • Camera

    and Lighting ◦ Landscape mode ◦ Stabilize the camera ◦ Camera at eyeline ◦ Light your face with additional lighting ◦ Avoid cluttered backgrounds • Audio ◦ Silence email and messaging alerts ◦ Sit close to built-in microphones • Internet ◦ Hard-wired connection rather than wi-fi ◦ Log off all other devices from the network
  11. How Do I Include an Auction? • Before the virtual

    event: ◦ Keep the online auction open for a week ◦ Host the virtual event a day or two before the online auction closes Juliette’s House “Celebrate the Children” Auction open: April 23 - May 3 Virtual event: April 30 Partner: Ambrose Entertainers
  12. How Do I Include an Auction? • During the virtual

    event: ◦ Promote auction packages during the pre-show ◦ Incorporate slides and videos for select auction items ◦ Create excitement and highlight bidding that’s already happening ◦ Multiple monitors allow the auctioneer to view bidding and donations simultaneously ▪ Pro tip: To host a LIVE auction, remember internet speeds and connections vary. One alternative is to announce the item will close at a specific time (i.e. 7:15pm PDT).
  13. How Do I Include an Auction? Hope Chinese Charter School

    “Xi Wang Gala” Live auction; item closed during virtual event Partner: gEvents LLC Children’s Center “Healing Garden Gala” Online auction promoted during virtual event Partners: Raise Agent; Benefit Auctions 360
  14. How Do I Include an Auction? • Share the recording

    of the event on social media and announce there is still time to bid Sherwood Band Booster Club “Swingin’ the Green 2021” Partner: gEvents LLC