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Running an Online Auction *Bonus converting a silent/live to an online auction

March 19, 2020

Running an Online Auction *Bonus converting a silent/live to an online auction

Running an Online Auction *Bonus converting a silent/live to an online auction


March 19, 2020

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  1. Set Up & Run an Online Auction Using Auctria *bonus

    converting a silent & live to online
  2. About Auctria • 28.6K auctions • 3.3 million bidders •

    1.8 million items • Over $170 million raised
  3. Agenda: Set up & run an online auction with Auctria

    Starting from ground zero by setting up the organization and auction event • Organization • Adding a donor & item • Set up website • What do bidders see • Closeout, checkout & reports • * Convert silent/live to online
  4. Auctria Dashboard & Navigation Tip: clicking on a PLUS sign

    will take you directly to the relevant ADD page. Tip: Click on any blue text will allow you drill down further on that data
  5. Set Up Organization Tip: Each organization is separate and has

    its own • auctions • donors & users • credit card processing • social media
  6. Setting up the Credit Card Integration, test and live mode

    2 Modes Test & Live- Default is LIVE
  7. Item Categories Defined by auction Examples: • Travel • Restaurants

    • Events • Entertainment • Collectibles • Pampering • Services
  8. Item Pricing in Auctria Item pricing • Add new item

    • Type (online) • Category (defined by you) • Description • Value • Pricing • Bidding • Images
  9. Auctria Mobile: bidder view Bidder can: • View catalog •

    Place bids • Place proxy bids • Receive outbid notifications • Star favorite items to watch • Sort by many options Mobile app does not support credit card or new bidder registration
  10. Bonus: Converting Silent & Live to Online Required edits: •

    Convert items enmass type silent→ online • Enable online bidding → YES • Define start and end dates & times • Website modifications ◦ Remove tickets ◦ Catalog show only online items ◦ Review any text or buttons referring to the event
  11. Resources Links Resource Links for today’s webinar Online auction global

    settings Credit card set-up, connecting Stripe Pricing auction items Website editor webinar Getting Started on Auctria: users, branding, credit card Processing credit fees: normal or surcharge Batch Checkout