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Online Event Fundraisers: Lessons to share, from FFCSymposium

Online Event Fundraisers: Lessons to share, from FFCSymposium

Brought to you by Faith, Fundraising and Communications Symposium
Online & Virtual Events
Virtual Events
Online event benefits, boosters & considerations
Revenue ingredients
Plan, run, close
Lessons and FAQs

Thank you Wilf Golbeck and Skyline Communications



March 24, 2022

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  1. Online Event Fundraiser: Lessons to share Brought to you by

    Faith, Fundraising, and Communication Symposium
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  3. 40k Events, 400 Million Raised

  4. Agenda: Online & Virtual Events • Virtual Events • Online

    event benefits, boosters & considerations • Revenue ingredients • Plan, run, close • Lessons and FAQs • Q+A
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  6. Types of Auctions Event based (silent, live, fund-a-need) • Special

    events attract bidders • Lead time & planning for auction & event, or add on to a currently highly attended event Online, Virtual, Hybrid • Audience reach may be broader • Distribution of items after the auction • Social distancing safety, • Pair with favorite Live stream • Practice makes perfect
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  8. Virtual Event + Fundraiser Event Activities, 45 minutes max •

    Entertainment • Giveaway, must attend to win • Reveal of something logo/building/people • Keynote speaker • Annual meeting or celebration • Honor a hero, Event Honoree(s) • Awards & recognition • Board inauguration • Sponsor giveaways • Volunteer appreciation
  9. Great Content: The Show Keep the audience engaged • Entertainment

    • Music • Magician • Dancers • Comedian • Cameo • At home party • Wine tasting • Painting party • Food demonstration
  10. Great Content: The Fundraising Audience specific • Live auction •

    Online auction running concurrently • Giving campaign, paddle raise • Make it meaningful • Testimonials • Real images, impact video • Diverse content, live, recorded, slide show different feels and texture • Audience interaction, chat
  11. None
  12. Ticket or No Ticket - benefits No Ticket • No

    financial barrier to attend • No financial barrier to bid • Less workload for auction team • Easy to invite friends & acquaintances • Last minute attendees are easy to accommodate Ticket • More committed to log on • Tease with chances to win • Goodie box for sale branding & instructions • Capture email and contact information • Private access, ex. Zoom
  13. None
  14. Online Event Revenue Ingredients Revenue Driver → Why & How

    Online auction → Online bidding, proxy bidding, anti-sniping Donations → Donations Fund a Need → Use the website to tell why Merchandise → For Sale Items Sponsorship → For Sale, and advertising Desirable items → Varied price points and category Baskets → Collecting all the smaller pieces Buttons → Quick and easy to take action
  15. Online Event Benefits Benefits • Runs days not hours •

    Pre registration not necessary • Broader audience, no ticket or admission required • Easy to share event • Easy to share an item • Can be run with small team • Auction is open 24 hours a day
  16. Online Auctria Booster Boosters: • Daily updates • Day-only items

    • Featured items with an influencer • For sale merchandise • Donation buttons • Anti-sniping • Proxy bidding • Text-2-register, donate, bid • Beautiful website • Display auction item catalog • Video on website • Video for auction item
  17. Online Event Considerations Considerations • Limited social interaction • Distribute

    auction items post event • Bidders tend to be active at the beginning & end of auction with a lull in the middle • Engage for final push • Lessen friction for registration • Educate audience, teach them how-to
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  20. Branding Event website

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  23. Texting: 2-Donate, 2-Register & Bid

  24. FAQ: How to find auction items, now? Considerations • Start

    from within • Ask for help • Businesses need help too • Ask as you are making a purchase • Promote that there will be donor recognition & website link • Pinterest boards • Consignments, all sizes • DonationMatch.com • Priceless & keepsakes Post solicitation for on website with the request letter.
  25. In real life

  26. FAQ When and how should we start promoting & registering?

    Check out our next webinar for more advice on engagement • Use own communication cycle • Tag donors, sponsor, influencers • Registration opens = bidding is open • Early? When they come to your website have a call to action. Donate, purchase merchandise, buy raffle ticket • Clocks to Count down to open and count down to close
  27. FAQ: How long shall we run the online auction? Considerations

    • Two communication cycles • Be aware of mid-term lull in bidding • Plan communications in advance • At minimum promote daily • Use tags and hashtags to increase visibility on social media Longer may not be better
  28. In Real Life Fresh & Dynamic • Front page fresh

    • Using video • New auction items • New for-sale items • From an earlier webinar, added new video daily • Daily social emails and social media Remember to use a donation button!
  29. FAQ: Where to start the bidding price? Considerations • Variety

    of price points • Retail value start ~50% then at least 5 bidding increments to get to full value • Buy-it now over the stated value • Look at past activity • Move item to raffle for increase in total Use odd starting bids to attract attention
  30. FAQ: Will bidders know what to do? Considerations: • Link

    from your known website • Make catalog home page • Website provide instructions we make this easy with pre-built sections for: ◦ Bidding ◦ Texting ◦ Download mobile app • Mobile app & texting notifications are immediate • emails-bidder will have to check their emails Encourage use of the mobile app, however, the event website IS mobile friendly from a mobile browser.
  31. In Real Life

  32. FAQ: Can we really get sponsors? Yes! • Set up

    sponsorships as for-sale on the website during the planning phase • Sponsorship banner, catalog • If this is the first time start low • If this is not first time maximize sponsorships with placements and other online recognition Nurture the sponsor so they come back year after year.
  33. In Real Life

  34. Sponsorships • Start with inner circle and fan out •

    Sponsors beget sponsors, year over year • Approach the business/sales department, they have the marketing dollars
  35. FAQ: Best way to ask for cash donations? Qualitative and

    Quantitative • Paint the picture • By the numbers • Equivalency or core number • Celebrate prior achievements • Share current goals
  36. In Real Life

  37. When you are Ready for In Person Event Fundraising

  38. In Person Silent auction with bid sheets Mobile bidding

  39. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk auctria.com
  40. Faith, Fundraising And Communication Symposium @FFCSymposium ffcsymposium.net