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Plug the Leaks in the Auction Fundraising Strategy featuring Ellen Bristol

October 28, 2022

Plug the Leaks in the Auction Fundraising Strategy featuring Ellen Bristol

Is Your Fundraising Bucket Leaking?

If It Is, So What?
But It’s Just an Auction!!
The Nine Big Leaks
Leak-Proof Auction Strategy

Take the assessment


October 28, 2022

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  1. Is Your Auction Strategy Leaking? Featuring Ellen Bristol

  2. 45K Auctions & event fundraisers Over $500 Million raised using

  3. Are among Auctria clients

  4. Who’s Ellen? • Founded Bristol Strategy 1995 • Nut for

    Metrics, Geek for Performance Management • Designer, Leaky Bucket Fundraising Assessments • Developer, Fundraising the SMART Way • Author, Three Books on Fundraising
  5. Agenda: Is Your Fundraising Bucket Leaking? 1. If It Is,

    So What? 2. But It’s Just an Auction!! 3. The Nine Big Leaks 4. Leak-Proof Auction Strategy Take the assessment
  6. So What? What Happens with a Leaky Bucket? • Can’t

    Serve Enough Clients • Payroll, Overhead Costs - Ugh • Board Demands More Events • Team Demoralized - They Leave
  7. It’s Just an Auction! Strategy Drives Tactics • Hail-Mary Pass?

    • Aimed at Target Audience? • Performance Goals? • Auction Support “Tuned”? • Follow-Up Planned - with KPI’s*? *KPI - Key Performance Indicators
  8. 9 Big Leaks 1. Know Your Ideal Donor 2. Targets

    for Acquiring Donors (# + $) 3. Targets for Retaining Donors (# + $) 4. Targets for Upgrading Donors (# + $) 5. Level of Funding Diversification 6. Staff Capacity (includes volunteers) 7. Performance Metrics 8. Fundraising Toolkit 9. Responding to Undesirable Performance
  9. Median Score C-Minus / D-Plus

  10. Leak-Proof Auction Strategy 1. Aim Event AND Auction to Ideal

    Donors & sponsors 2. Acquire the Right Items 3. Set Performance Expectations: a. Number of Visitors, Bidders b. Amount $$ 4. Careful Analysis of Performance a. Great? Repeat b. Not-So-Great? Analyze Performance Data; Choose Improvements or Don’t Repeat
  11. Leak-Proof Auction Strategy Aim Event AND Auction to Ideal Donors

    & Sponsors • Your audience • Make it easy to donate & sponsor • Assign someone to oversee auction line • Follow up with all bidders - they could be prospects
  12. Leak-Proof Auction Strategy Acquire the Right Items • Fill the

    catalog • Procurement letter • Who and when to ask • Ok to say no thank you • Auctria’s Pinterest boards • No risk auction consignment items
  13. Leak-Proof Auction Strategy Set Performance Expectations • Number of Visitors,

    Bidders • Historical data, what did you you do that worked, what did not work? • Monetary goal (reveal or not reveal) • Matching donation? • Enroll donors and sponsors to help share the news
  14. Leak-Proof Auction Strategy Careful Analysis of Performance • Use YOUR

    data • Great? Repeat • Not-So-Great? Analyze Performance Data; Choose Improvements or Don’t Repeat • Don’t be discouraged comparing your event to anyone else’s • Events grow from year to year
  15. Auction Accelerators for Online Only Online auction • Open for

    days not hours • Live kickoff • Reason to come back daily • Start bids low enough to gain traction and registrants • Reverse bell shaped curve for bidding
  16. Auction Accelerators for In Person In Person • Ways to

    give • Early bird tickets • Sponsorship sales • Merch sales • In room games, raffle, wine wall/pull • VIP anything • Silent, live and paddle raise • Professional auctioneer
  17. Out of the box or Custom

  18. What others are saying Easy to use. Surprisingly affordable. Attractive,

    simple to use for the bidders. Michael Custom custom custom, no other auction software I have used has allowed for the level of customization as this one. Fits a variety of clients. Barry We like Auctria and have been using it for our auctions twice a year for almost 8 years. Auctria is very user friendly and intuitive. I love the ability to host a silent online auction with online bidding. Or the option to have the silent auction bidding done via text messaging. Sara
  19. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: [email protected] FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk www.auctria.com + Launch
  20. Stay in Touch with Ellen Bristol Strategy Group @BristolStrat Email:

    [email protected] Bristol Strategy Group Complete Your Leaky Bucket Assessment!