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Yes You Can Secure Sponsorships

Yes You Can Secure Sponsorships

Yes You Can Secure Sponsorships
featuring A.J. Steinberg, Queen Bee Fundraising


May 25, 2022

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  1. Yes You Can Secure Sponsorships Featuring A.J. Steinberg, Queen Bee

  2. 40k Events, $400 Million Raised

  3. About Today’s Topic Expert • AJ has been a nonprofit

    event producer for over 20 years in the Los Angeles area • She has worked on over 100 and helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars through events • In 2015 AJ started Queen Bee Fundraising to share professional event planning strategies with organizations of all sizes A.J. Steinberg, CFRE of Queen Bee Fundraising
  4. $15K The Myth of Sponsorship Dollars

  5. The Myth of Sponsorship Dollars Myth 1: They should support

    us because of our mission Myth 2: They sponsored similar events so they should sponsor ours Myth 3: The bigger the sponsorship, the more tickets $15K
  6. • Sponsorships are from BUSINESSES • Businesses don’t have feelings

    • They look for R.O.I. • A sponsorship is a business transaction
  7. What we’ll cover today: 4 Steps to Getting Sponsors 1.

    Create & valuing sponsorship offerings 2. How to find potential sponsors 3. Outreach and the Ask 4. Onboarding and stewardship
  8. Section 1: Creating and Valuing Sponsorship Offerings

  9. Sponsorship Dollars are MARKETING DOLLARS

  10. Your need to think like a Marketing Pro • Definition

    of Marketing: The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service • Your product is your event or organization
  11. 5 reasons companies sponsor nonprofits: 1. Relationship building and maintenance

    2. Public perception of altruism 3. Positive association (whitewashing) 4. Reaching a target audience 5. Sales potential
  12. They want to know… Are you a good investment? •

    How many touches and views • How long the duration of exposure • Will they hit their target market • Will they gain customers
  13. It is up to you to make the case for

    why you are a good investment of marketing dollars.
  14. When creating sponsor packages Change Your Thinking • It isn’t

    about getting their money • It is about what you have to offer them • It is about what they need and want • Be creative • Don’t undersell your sponsorship value!
  15. This: Your logo will be seen by 300 guests at

    our event Or This: Your company name and logo will be viewed over 10,000 times by loyal supporters through email blasts and social media posts over a span of six months. At the event, your company name and logo will be integrated through signage, a digital sponsor loop and a tabling opportunity during the cocktail portion of the event How many touches and views will my sponsorship receive?
  16. What can you offer businesses? 1. Relationship building and maintenance

    ➢ New or continued financial relationship 2. Public perception of altruism ➢ Positive association with your good work, volunteerism 3. Positive association (whitewashing) ➢ If you forgive them, then everyone else should too 4. Reaching a target audience ➢ If your supporters are a good match, positive association 5. Sales potential ➢ New customers and clients
  17. Valuing Your Sponsorship Packages • Use past sponsorship levels as

    a guide • Make sure each higher level adds more value • Understand what your area can afford • Don’t forget underwriting and in-kind sponsorships
  18. Section 2: How to Find Potential Sponsors

  19. There are 3 types of PROSPECTS 1. Hot prospects ➢

    Past sponsors 2. Warm prospects ➢ Board and committee member contacts ➢ Businesses where you spend your money ➢ Companies that want your business 3. Cool prospects ➢ Research what businesses are supporting other events in your area, and then make a cool prospect list
  20. The best way to find prospects? A BRAINSTORM SESSION

  21. Section 3: Outreach and the Ask

  22. Prospect Outreach • This is the initial contact to identified

    prospects • Should be done 6-9 months prior to an event • Let your board and committee help connect
  23. Make It Easy for Them • Let them know the

    game plan • They only need to make the first touch (intro) • You or designated person will do all follow up
  24. Outreach – do it right! • You only have one

    chance to make a first impression • Carefully select the best person for the first touch • Identify the proper contact person at prospect company • Script the solicitation pitch using bullet points
  25. Sample Bullet Point Script • Excited about this collaboration •

    So much synergy between ORGANIZATION and SPONSOR PROSPECT • We see the Grove Sponsorship as being the perfect fit for SPONSOR PROSPECT • This will give you exposure on a consistent basis to your target audience • This places you squarely in the role of trusted partner • As you can see by our ORGANIZATION’S statistics, our social media reach is already showing that an astonishing number of views and clickthroughs • This is a ground floor opportunity to align SPONSOR PROSPECT with our new program, and your collaboration’s impact will only grow as our new program expands its reach • Is there anything that you don’t see on the Grove sponsorship package that would be of value to SPONSOR PROSPECT?
  26. Section 4: Sponsor Stewardship

  27. Sponsor Stewardship is… Delivering on your promises and then continuing

    to nourish the relationship
  28. Onboarding Email • It says, “thank you and welcome” •

    Lists money or goods paid for sponsorship • Outlines what is included in sponsorship • Asks for their logo and marketing blurb • Give them a name and contact info
  29. Follow Through on What You Promised • Create a follow-up

    spreadsheet & keep up to date • Make sure you have the right logo & branding • Triple check all logos are on step and repeat • Triple check all logos are in tribute book
  30. Stewardship Before, During, & After an Event • Stay in

    touch and update them on progress • Tag them and name them so they know you are posting • Treat them like VIPs at the event • Send them a Thank You letter after the event with a copy of the tribute book • Ask them to sponsor again right afterwards
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  34. Resources Links Resource Links for today’s webinar Auctria Sponsor Catalog

    User Guide Queen Bee Fundraising Sponsorship Deck Samples Non Profit Training Educating and empowering those with purpose
  35. Stay in touch Queen Bee Fundraising Auctria @auctria www.auctria.com [email protected]

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/everythingevents withAJ/ www.queenbeefundraising.co m [email protected]