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Five ways to improve the performance of your mobile app.


Barry Nolan

May 01, 2013


  1. 1 converser

  2. 2 engagement is the greatest challenge for mobile apps.

  3. 3 How do you: Get to know your app users?

    Build an enduring & profitable relationship with them?
  4. 4 Converser helps you: learn all about your mobile app

    customers, message and interact with them intelligently.
  5. converser.io KNOW Insightful profiles of your customers, their status &

  6. converser.io CONVERSE In-App interactive customer messaging KNOW Insightful profiles of

    your customers, their status & likes
  7. converser.io CONVERSE In-App interactive customer messaging LEARN Analytics: customers &

    campaigns KNOW Insightful profiles of your customers, their status & likes
  8. converser.io Deliver any message right inside your apps. Updates Offers

    Polls Surveys Forms Reminders ... Customers can interact with one-touch This is a conversation it happens right inside your apps
  9. converser.io anything you want to say, ask or send, you

  10. converser.io The easiest conversation maker possible No code or design

    experience needed. Simply edit & publish to all your apps.
  11. 11 five ways to improve your app success

  12. converser.io Lifecycle Marketing Deliver different messages to your app users,

    depending on where they are in their lifecycle.
  13. 13 each new user

  14. 14 Always welcome each new subscriber

  15. 15 Create a guided tour of your app Showcase each

    feature on a page
  16. 16 Video message tours, intro’s, tutorials native across all devices

  17. 17 support users. get feedback. boost app ratings.

  18. 18 Private in-app feedback get more, better, and real-time feedback

    from users
  19. 19 Feedback that you can respond to the conversation happens

    all in-app
  20. 20 Turn feedback into roadmap for example, update your users

    with simple one-tap to download
  21. 21 Improve app updates conversions rich messaging and one-tap downloads

  22. 22 interactions, iterations, communications

  23. 23 Know your customers converser builds a personal profile of

    customers, their likes & preferences
  24. 24 Personalized messaging Targeting allows you reach only the audiences

    you want Audience: Women London Like: Indigo Like: £-off promos Analytics
  25. 25 Ask anything questions, offers, polls, surveys, forms...

  26. 26 Analytics that inform no matter the message, analytics report

    performance and insights analytics automatically learn about each customers likes and dislikes
  27. 27 Simple rich messaging that users can interact with

  28. 28 Lifecycle messaging Automated message cycles to boost engagement. e.g.

    Day 1, 7, 30...
  29. 29 Transactional messaging from you backend services with one-tap call-to-action

  30. 30 ways to improve monetization

  31. 31 See your customers Rich profiles of your app users

    is valuable data for marketers/advertisers
  32. 32 Click-to-call messaging or click-to-link

  33. 33 In-app forms for anything from lead generation to competitions

  34. 34 Drive in-app purchases more interactive content increases conversion

  35. 35 re-engage lost users

  36. 36 Reactivate lapsed users automate messaging to users who haven’t

    been around in a while