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Personalised in-app marketing to drive in-app purchases.


Barry Nolan

May 22, 2013


  1. converser.io 1 simple customer communications

  2. converser.io 2 Apps are redefining how companies and customers interact

    We power your customer interactions 4 out of every 5 minutes on phones are spent in apps.
  3. converser.io 3 We term these interactions ‘conversations’ they happen in

    your app Any message Updates Offers Questions Surveys Forms ... One-touch interaction
  4. converser.io 4 And they perform way better that any other

    channel Typically 80% engagement 5%-80% Conversion
  5. converser.io 5 converser makes it easy and efficient to message

    and interact with your customers. (all through your mobile app)
  6. converser.io 6 “All subscribers in London” Target select the audience

    Push notifications to your app Converse two-way, in your app Results automated analytics How it works end-to-end
  7. converser.io absolutely anything you want to say, ask or send,

    you can. updates, polls, coupons, questions, forms, chat, feedback … 7
  8. converser.io 8 Send short messages, or longer conversation flows beautifully

    displayed with simple controls for customers to respond
  9. converser.io All with easiest conversation maker possible No code or

    design experience needed. Simply edit & publish to all your apps. 9
  10. converser.io 10 For every message you send questions, offers, polls,

    surveys, forms...
  11. converser.io 11 We compile all the results Both campaign performance

    and customer responses that lets your learn each customers likes and dislikes
  12. converser.io 12 how we do it get going for free.

    only pay for active apps
  13. converser.io 13 CONVERSE In-App interactive customer messaging LEARN Analytics: customers

    & campaigns KNOW KNOW Insightful: profiles and preferences of your app users Embedding in your app is quick and easy which connects your app to our platform allowing you:
  14. converser.io 14 this is a typical customer view converser compiles

    a personal profile of customers, their likes & preferences
  15. converser.io Manual campaigns Lifecycle messaging Automated messaging beautiful and personal

    in-app marketing automated messaging around lifecycle & behaviors automate system-to- customer messaging with one API call 15 how you can use converser
  16. converser.io 16 Personalised messaging incredibly easy to create, target and

    send across all your apps
  17. converser.io 17 Welcome tours, tutorials, opt-ins Day 7, 14, etc.

    Get feedback. Surface features. Prompt desired behaviors. Reactivation We’ve missed you. Here’s what you missed. Lifecycle messaging personalized in-app messaging based on time and status
  18. converser.io 18 Drive In-App Revenues and focusing on better engagement

    and retention
  19. converser.io 19 Automated Messaging Automated messaging with one API call,

    your services can converse with your customers [Conversation templates (e.g. balance update) saved. API call from your systems calls conversation template, audience and injects payload. Converser handles the conversation and returns responses via API]
  20. converser.io 20 Private in-app feedback get more, better, and real-time

    feedback from users
  21. converser.io 21 Feedback that you can respond to the conversation

    happens all in-app
  22. converser.io 22 How are your campaigns converting? Are you grown

    your monthly active users? How many new users are you adding? What is the demographic profile of your app? How is your app performing for customers? Are there any issues? We track the metrics that matter to your apps success
  23. converser.io 23 simple customer communications